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You’re having a bath!

I’ve never really been one to indulge myself or spend time relaxing or beautifying myself. Pre-baby, I may have painted my nails or dyed my hair but there was no luxury in it, no time taken or relaxation of sorts. I haven’t been one to relax with a face mask or go to a spa. I was always in a rush, nails barely dry as I shot out of the door to get to the party on time. I don’t think I really knew how to relax. Or maybe I didn’t appreciate what could be relaxing in these, what was everyday or regular tasks.

I used to take showers and baths, of course, but I never spent long in the bath. I didn’t read a book or light a candle. I would listen to music occasionally but that was it.

But now, now I need to relax. I need time to myself. Oh, how ironic is it that when I had ample opportunity to do these things in the past, I never did. I have seen and read frequently on twitter about baths. There’s plenty of adverts out there depicting women in a bubbly bath, eating chocolate or drinking champagne. I couldn’t understand what could be so good about a bath. It wasn’t something I thought of doing to relax (stupid I know).

So, today, my sister ran me a bath. She lit a candle and told me to relax. In the bath. She was going to look after Bubs and I could have some much needed me time.

Initially, I thought “I don’t want a bath”. But then, I thought a bit more.

-I could read my book
– I could listen to some music
– I could lie there and do absolutely nothing

And so I began to realise how advantageous this could be for me, so in I went.

It was lovely. It was like submerging myself into a warm bed. I had a lovely candle burning, a relaxing ocean scent, the bath oil was gorgeous and the heat of the bath just relaxed every knot in my body. I didn’t realise how much I needed that break, until I stepped into the bath. I read my book, successfully avoiding getting it wet. I listened to my favourite relaxing music (bat for lashes) and I just had some time for me. It was enjoyable. I didn’t rush, I didn’t feel bored, I took some time to just do….well, nothing. And I appreciated every single second.

Now I realise why a bath can be relaxing. Closing that door, and locking it most importantly, and submerging myself not only in the water, but in myself, for a short while. It was just what I needed. Now I keep wondering when I can do it again.


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  • Well, now you have me wanting to take a bath! I honestly can’t remember the last time I did, maybe a year or so. I’ve always preferred showers, but they’re not exactly decadent and relaxing, and the idea of reading my book in the bath is clearly tempting me! Glad you enjoyed yours x

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