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You Were Mine for Nine Months

You were mine for 9 months.

No-one else knew you, but I did.

Now you will never only be mine again.

You are being stolen from me

in front of my eyes.

You have their blood, but I do not

You breathe their lives, into your lungs

You see things only your eyes will see.

You are a piece of me-

I feel my heart is being cut out.

What have I done to my soul

Shattered into pieces

Dispersed across the universe

The wind will wind and weave

Dance down the paths we tread

I let go of the ribbon

A balloon into the sky

You were mine for 9 months.

2 thoughts on “You Were Mine for Nine Months”

  • Oh it’s so hard to have to share them with everyone! But also fun – they suddenly come out with things you didn’t teach them and introduce you to things you didn’t know about. Love the balloon into the sky image.

  • Oh Emily, I really do feel for you on this. As time goes by I am starting to realise that no one can EVER break the bond between a mother and their child, no matter how hard they try. I am sure your girl will be just the same as Grace and want their Mum. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

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