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Wishes – Prose for thought


Write your wishes on a note
Throw a penny in a fountain
Don’t forget what you have wrote
Even if you climb a mountain

One day you will see fruits appear
Reward for all the hard work toiling
Until that day keep up, keep working
Your wishes you can’t go a-spoiling

It’s in your sights,
It can be achieved
It’s yours by rights
Keep going, succeed

When you get there
Empty space
Energy gone
You’ve won the race

What now, where to, what do you do?
There’s nothing left to fight for
This prize leaves a slightly bitter taste
Your wish now leaves you wanting more

How can it be that what we hope
Is never what it seems
You work until your heart could break
But it was better in your dreams

So pick up the pen and write again
Throw new penny, make a wish
Nothing else to do about
But to start again, not finish

Emily Tealady 2013

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