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When 1 child becomes 2….

  • You realise just how much sleep you did manage to get, after all. 
  • You realise that your older child has a HUGE HEAD
  • You think your older child will help you,  right? No. Even if the wipes are right next to them,  they will tell you that they can’t find them.  Or reach them. 
  • You said you wouldn’t use bribes with your children.  Well bribe away when you have 2 to deal with. You need to contain one whilst you deal with the other. 
  • That no screen time  rule? That doesn’t exist anymore….
  • When you’re feeding the baby, your other child will quickly twig they can wreck the house and you can’t do a thing about it.
  • Your older child will regress, try and sleep in the cot and will want to go in the buggy that they point blank refused to get into 18 months ago. 
  • You suddenly realise how LOUD your older child is. Like, fog horn loud. 
  • You spend a long time trying to prevent your older child poking the baby’s eyes…(what is it with the obsession with poking eyes?!)
  • You will feel guilty. You will think you may have made a big mistake.  You may contemplate walking out the door. But every week it gets more like normal, every week you see them getting to know each other. And it’s ok. 

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