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What’s Your Thing?

Last night, I had a thought pop into my head. I felt like I didn’t have a ‘thing’. You know, people have a thing – something they are known for, something they are good at, a talent. Something immediately identifiable to them. I felt like I didn’t have one. When I look at my twitter feed, when I read lots of blogs, I see so many people have talents – writing books, making things, baking. I am not crafty at all, and my last attempt ended in a bit of a disaster. I don’t have an idea for a book. I don’t have a theme for my blog. I have no burning passion for anything.

What is my ‘thing’? Do I have a ‘thing’? I wished I had. So I put it on twitter. Just another inane comment from me. But woah! The response! People tweeted me they felt they didn’t have a ‘thing’. People were very kindly telling me what my ‘thing’ was. Others were agreeing me with, other saying we all have one, we just don’t know it. It seems that the majority of us don’t recognise we have a Thing. We feel we don’t have one. And you know what, that made me feel sad. I offered to figure out what people’s Things were.

Through the twitter conversation, I realised that a ‘Thing’ doesn’t need to be big. We don’t realise what our ‘Thing’ is until someone points it out to you. Sometimes life gets in the way and you forget what your ‘thing’ is. Like being a Mum. That’s one sure fire way if forgetting what your Thing is. We are so caught up with the baby, our passions, our interests can get pushed by the wayside. The time we used to take to enjoy our interests or things we liked to do, is taken over by babies, or children. Or sleep. I remember picking up a book when Bubs was about 4 months old, and I just didn’t know If I could finish it. One twitter comment was about Music. Music was lost initially then found again thorough their children. Some people commented that they lost some, but found others through being a parent. Just talking about Things, made me think of things. Things I like doing, things that make me, Me.

People highlighted my poetry, which I’d forgotten about. I haven’t written any for a while, and it literally had escaped my mind. Another person mentioned my love of Tea. I thought about my love of books and reading. I realised, I DO have things. We ALL have things. It’s just we don’t realise, or don’t appreciate what others think of us, or what our talents may be.

For others, Things may be big or small. It may be about a love of a job, or having a skill such a knitting, or cooking, or sewing. It may be about books, or being a source of advice. It may be that you are always there for someone else in their time of need. It may be that you are the person who tweets inane comments and starts people talking, and thinking, and remembering exactly what who they are and what they like to do.

I don’t have any big Things. I’m never going to take the blogging world by storm, or create something as amazing as a book. I am not creative or individual enough. But after that conversation, after thinking about Things, It made me feel a bit better about it all. Maybe I will try some new Things, maybe I will start old Things again. What matters is, you’re happy with yourself and what you are doing.

I think we should all tell someone else what their Thing is. People need to be told what their Thing is. Sometimes we just can’t think, or see, what we are good at. So go on, tell someone what their Thing is. Make someone smile.

Do you know what your Thing is? Do you think you don’t have a Thing? Leave me a comment or tweet me and I am sure we can find a Thing for you!

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Thing?”

  • I’ve always thought that your Thing was whatever made your heart sing. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small and it can evolve or even change completely along the way. For me it’s making things, not so much inventing them, just making them; knitting, sewing, quilting, baking and a whole corner of the Internet filled with my ramblings and photos!

    • Oh I agree with you! I love that phrase – makes your heart sing. You are so right. Maybe I just need to look and try a few more things, and see what clicks with me? As well as drinking tea till the cows come home! X

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