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What to Wear When You’re Expecting: My Tips



Pregnancy Tips

As I reach the end of my pregnancy I have been considering what wisdom I can pass onto others. When I think about it, it’s quite difficult to think of what advice I would give other pregnant women; everyone is different and we all experience pregnancy differently.  I will post a different ‘tip’ as and when I remember something important.

Tip No 1: Clothes

Don’t rush out and buy maternity clothes – high street cheap brands work just as well. I didn’t put much weight on and still am wearing the same tops and jumpers as I did before I was pregnant.

What I have found is that a lot of maternity clothes are online and not necessarily on the high street, or a much smaller selection on the high street. M&S, John Lewis, Next all were online and not in the shops. It’s best to try to go to the larger stores as they are more likely to have a maternity section.

I did however invest in some stuff which I have outlined below.

(If you buy maternity wear buy your normal size as that should fit and accommodate but look on individual website for their sizing guide.)


Initially things like leggings are great as you are still you’re usual size but you may feel a bit more bloated and need more room to breathe. I also did buy some jeggings (I hate that word! and in fact I hated myself for buying them) as they were elasticated and fitted better than my jeans. These teamed with tea dresses or summer dresses make for a rather fashionable outfit and it’s comfy.

When I started looking at trousers I had no idea what I was choosing. However in hindsight I would go for above/over bump rather than under bump but that’s my personal opinion. Over the bump I felt fitted better and was more comfy; under the bump I felt the trousers were falling down. I also like that with over the bump, the material over your bump acts a bit of extra material to your tops so you’re not showing your midriff off.


I didn’t bother with those bandeau tops or anything like that – vest tops or t-shirts under other tops worked just as well for me and were much cheaper! As I just said as well the over the bump trousers also act as a cover for your midriff.  Vest tops and t-shirts are great, comfy and go with anything, especially for work

What Did I Actually Buy:

Maternity jeans:- I bought these ones from Next and I must say theyhave fitted reallywell and have been really comfy.

Work trousers – I also got these from Next – I didn’t even need to tighten them up at all and probably could have got away with a smaller size.These were under the bump and as they were slouchy were very comfy but as I said with under the bump I did feel that they were more prone to fall a bit.

Stretchy PJ’s from Marks and Sparks (not maternity)- a size up from my usual. These were great for getting into as soon as I got home from work, really comfy and great for those initial months when you feel rather bloated and sicky.

H&M do lovely maternity clothes reasonably priced. I bought 2 jumpers and a dress (I was pregnant during the Christmas party time otherwise I wouldn’t have bought one really) from there which fitted really well and have lasted me throughout my pregnancy. They change the styles often so always lots to choose from.




Seriously think about shoes! My feet seemed to ache a hell of a lot more as soon as I was pregnant. As having a job where I was on my feet for a large proportion of the day, as well as walking to and from work, I had to ditch the fashion shoes and go for something more quality instead. I bought some Clarks slip on shoes which were £29 but they are still in brilliant condition today and I must say a very good and comfy pair of shoes and I probably should have got a decent pair of shoes anyway. I also bought some ‘ugg’ style boots from Primark for £6 which were lovely to walk in when it was cold or my feet felt a bit swollen or sore. Sandals/flip-flops again are comfy to wear but I found my feet ached if I wore them all day. I also would get some slipper socks or slippers as there’s nothing better than getting into your PJ’s and a nice pair of slipper socks when you’re feeling like death of an evening.

Look and Feel Good

Clothes are a necessity and you want to feel good in pregnancy and look good too, not a frumpy fat thing. Look at what options you have and try things on, treat yourself to some nice clothes but mix and match with stuff you already have. I wouldn’t spend more money on ‘maternity’ clothes if I can find something that fits and is not maternity as they are loads cheaper.

I hope some of this may be useful to you – please let me know what you think of my tips and if you have any yourself let me know!

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