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What I’ve Read….September

This has been a bumper month for me with regards to books, going on holiday meant that I could get through a few books, which I thought was brilliant!

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler

I loved this book, it is a different sort of book in that there is a twist and it is quite early on in the book. I hadn’t seen much about the book before I read it so it was a nice surprise but I was also waiting for something else as the book continued. However the writing and the ethos of the book is great and I was almost in tears by the end – it’s very poignant to me as in a way I can relate. I’m not going to talk spoilers here but I am planning on reading the Booker shortlist so may do more in depth there. I loved it, and would recommend.

A Single Breath by Lucy Clarke

My Bahlsen Book Club Book this month – when Eva’s husband is tragically killed, she travels to his Tasmanian homeland to meet his family. Whilst there though she starts to uncover secrets about her husband she never knew. A great book which is quick paced and has twists and turns throughout. My Review is here.

Mother’s Ruined by Aimee Horton

This was such a funny book, I am so glad that I downloaded it. When Dottie moves house, she starts to hear things over the baby monitor. It’s absolutely hilarious, but also a good story line which makes you want to read more. I felt like I got to know Dottie, and the book had such a lovely relaxed feel to it you felt you could almost be friends. I could relate to so much of the book, and the funny things that can happen with babies and children, I was literally laughing out loud which is something that doesn’t always happen.

Before we Met by Lucie Whitehouse

This book, although I didn’t realise it when I bought it, is in a similar vein to A Single Breath. I personally feel like this book didn’t do it as well. It had a lot of promise – the mystery around the disappearance of Hannah’s husband and the unravelling of their perfect life is a great start and had me hooked; however after this point it becomes all a bit predictable and it transcends the realms of reality at times. It is a readable book though, and was a good book to read on holiday.

The Poet’s Wife

This is a beautiful book, a family saga tale which is told against the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco Era. One of my favourites this month. My full review is here.

Currently Reading: The Goldfinch – really enjoying this book, can’t wait to let you all know what I think.

I think I will recommend Mothers Ruined and The Poets Wife this month. If you read any of these books, let me know!

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