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What I’ve Read In February

I have been a bit poor on the reading front recently. I just haven’t been able to concentrate on reading. So this month I have only managed to read one book:

Any Human Heart by William Boyd

This is a good book. It so written in a diary/journal style with some notes written inbetween by the editor. The book is about the life of Logan Mounstatuart; from his schooldays right through his life. His life spans the major points of the 20th century, such as World War Two, and he also meets and mixes with many celebrities and famous people along the way, such as Picasso and Virginia Woolf.

The book was easy to read, and the chapters weren’t too long so you could easily read a little bit before bed. I am not really sure what I gained from the book; it was very cleverly written and at times you do get wrapped up in Logan’s life, especially through some tragic parts. However, I didn’t feel the book had any particular message, but I guess that could be the point. It made me think about starting to write my diary again,and what people may think if they read mine. The book gives you the human element to historical events, opinions and how people felt at the time.

The book is so well written, I almost believed Logan was real by the end.

I may try some more William Boyd books and see what I think.

Let me know if you’ve read this book, or what books you’ve read this month, and what you think!

12 thoughts on “What I’ve Read In February”

  • It takes me ages to read a book these days – what with kids (and blogging!) I am part of Britmums book club and this encourages me. The last one was Clare Balding’s book My Animals and Other Family which was very good. This month’s is ‘Quiet the Power of Introverts’ which I’m finding a bit harder going. I’ve not read any of William Boyd’s books – like the idea of short chapters – books need to be easy these days!

  • i really miss reading books. i used read so much when i lived outside of london and commuted in. however i moved into town and bought scooter, not so easy to read any more!

  • I find that I read so much online that I don’t have a lot of time for ‘grown-up’ books. I remember Sunday afternoons when we didn’t do anything but read in our family. I’d love to get that back but I’d like to try. Glad you found time to read at least one good read this month x

  • I like books that have historical bits in them, especially 20th century so may have to have a nose. I’m trying to read more by keeping a tally of what I read for the whole of 2014, I’m on my 5th book this year, but hope to read more during the holidays. Enjoy whatever you read next.

  • I used to read 4 or 5 books a months and it took over everything else, so last year I decided not to read any fiction. I’m back on the fiction for 2014 but limiting myself to no more than 2 a month, but I didn’t read any in February.

    I haven’t heard of the book you read last month, but it sounds intriguing.

  • I’m sure I read a William Boyd book a couple of years back but have no memories of it at all – probably not a good thing! I’m not sure if I’m going to go back to him because I’d like him to be a little more memorable but sounds a good author to reach for when brain doesn’t fancy anything strenuous!

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