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What I’ve Read in December

This Month I’ve Read (December)

This month I have managed to read 3 books, I am very pleased with this considering it was Christmas! I try my best not to give away any major plot spoilers!

So, onto what I have read in December:

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

When Nick’s wife goes missing on their 5th Wedding Anniversary, questions are asked. The blame is pointing at him. He is keeping things from the Police, and his wife’s diaries are indicating not all was well within his marriage. Did Nick kill his wife? This is the major question in this book.

I had heard good things about this book, and sometimes when that happens it can be a little disappointing. I hadn’t heard anything about the plot, thankfully, so I was drawn into the saga straight away. The book is split into different parts, which I think is a very clever twist. I was totally convinced I knew who had done what, and then it was completely turned onto its head: This book has twists and turns, and although I had a faint idea I knew what may happen, I kept questioning myself. I found this book to be very clever, engaging and it’s a very good thriller. The ending is something I hadn’t considered, and in a way, quite an eery ending. The dialogue at times can be a little corny, but if you can get over that, then you will really enjoy this psychological thriller. Can definitely see why it has had rave reviews.

Her Fearful Symmetry Audrey Niffenegger

Julia and Valentina, mirror twins, inherit a flat in London from their aunt Elspeth. The flat overlooks highgate cemetery. The problem is, they had never met her, due to an incident between their mother and her twin sister years before. They move to London to find out what mysteries lie in the past. One of the conditions of the inhertiance is that they live in the flat for a year, and their Mother, Edie, must never step foot in it. People who have been in the flat feel that Elspeth’s ghost remains. Moving to London means they meet people in their Aunt’s life, such as Robert, her lover who works as a guide at the cemetery, and Martin, a man with OCD upstairs. Family secrets are revealed, as well as the twins finding out more about themseleves, in the process.

I was very keen to read this book as I loved The Time Traveller’s Wife. This book is totally different to that, but it is the same well written books, about modern day, with an unbelievable, suspend the thoughts of reality, twist. Just like travelling through time, you have to believe something that is completely ludicrous, and Niffenegger’s skill is making you do that. The book starts a little slowly, and I felt a few chapters probably could have been missed out, especially at the beginning. The relationship of the twins is very well written, and you can feel their frustrations, their bond and their emotions. I sort of felt I knew what was going to happen, but again there was a twist in this book that I hadn’t considered, or seen coming, right up until it happened. The book is full of ghosts, emotions, and the past, present and future. It is about what you want, and what you get. The ending to the book is just as haunting. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it. A great, spooky, eery tale.

Clare Balding: My Animals and Other Family

This is a brilliant, heart-warming book. I didn’t realise what a fascinating life Clare has had so far, and that her family had so many connections – including the Queen! If you’ve ever loved a pet, ever confided in them, ever felt they were your best friend, you will understand Clare’s love for her animals and pets, and how they teach her lessons about her life, and make her realise how to be herself and get on in life. I love the way her life is mapped out through the pets she had at the time and who won the Derby or the Grand National. You can learn so much about her life through her tales, she doesn’t need to spell it all out for you. It’s an easy to read book, perfect for this time of year.

So that’s what I read this month! I am starting off the New Year with a classic – To Kill A Mockingbird. I am also going to try and read at least 3 books every month in 2014 – what’s your book reading target, if you have one?

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  • Been meaning to reply to your post since you put it up, sorry it took me so long.
    I really like the sound of Her Fearful Symmetry and have added it to my list of what I want to buy at the end of the month 🙂
    Thanks for joining in xxx

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