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What is Love?

What is Love?

(Apart from a Haddaway Song, that is).

This sounds all deep and meaningful, and I guess it is. I could sound like a right cold hearted person here too, but people who know me, know I’m not like that.

For me, I am not sure what love ‘feels’ like. I know there are many types of love, for your family, your partner, your favourite football team. All different. But what does it feel like?

When I gave birth, I was told by everyone I met, and throughout my life really, that when you give birth you feel this ‘overwhelming’ love like nothing else. I’ve already blogged about how I didn’t feel this then, and how it took time for me to feel that love.

But it wasn’t a gushing, all encompassing, hit-me-with-a-truck feeling.

I felt connected. I felt like we fitted in with each other. I felt at home. It’s a feeling of ordinariness and normality.

Likewise, when I met my partner, I didn’t feel anything (although that could’ve be alcohol induced). I don’t even know when I decided I loved him. We just met one day, and that was it. I remember meeting him that night, and knowing we would be together. But it was like a instant thought, no trembling knees or butterflies. It was something accepted, gladly of course.

When I think of my family; my mum, dad and siblings, of course there is a tie that binds us. There is a link because we all grew up together.

I loved my nan dearly. I loved her, with a warm glow. A smile and a laugh. I loved her till the day she died, and I still do. The emotion is strong because she’s not here anymore.

Love to me is a wild panic, of an absence of another, of thinking you may never see that person again.

What is love to you?

10 thoughts on “What is Love?”

  • Love this em! Agree so much with you. As you no I had the same feeling with Sophie, where was this gush of love? You love your child, partner and family on all different levels. Think love is about connection, trust, always wanting this person to be in your life etc. lovely post x

  • I think you really feel love when the person you know you love has gone away is missing left you or passed away. Then it’s strong and maybe painful but it’s a powerful emotion. Otherwise I know I love people a lot there’s a strong connection there but it’s when they’re missing I really feel it..if that makes sense

  • I really like this post. When I listen to Romantic songs full of anguish and hurt I wonder if I ever felt that way. And I don’t think my a Hubby has ever strode through the mist like Mr Darcy in that film, but we are secure in our relationship. I’m proud of my kids and happy with what they achieve. Maybe the word LOVE is bandied about so much that in reality it can be a small warm feeling.

  • Brilliant post.
    I total wi understand a feel the way you do.
    The way I fell in love with M was gradual. He was perfect and amazing but I didn’t get smacked in the face with it. It just felt right.
    Same with G, that just felt right.
    It’s such a difficult emotion to pin down, but I know with utmost certainty, without the love I do have for some people, functioning wouldn’t be possible.

  • Love to me is a feeling that everything just fits. Like your life is a puzzle and when you find another that you love a piece of the puzzle is added in. A partner comes a long a new piece is added to your puzzle, a child comes along another new piece.

  • I mostly jst really love myself before. Me, me and me. I am my priority. Now its different. Its about my son and only a little bit about me. I think that person who you value the most and the person (maybe even things) who you put in a pedestal is the one you love. Your priority. Lovely post #sharewithme

  • Fantastic post!!!! I think love can come in so many forms and in so many ways in different parts of our life we just have to accept and embrace it or it will pass us by. I was the same with Mr P I felt the butterflies excitement but from the first moment I met him I just had a feeling and knowing I would be with him forever, and considering our situation american vs english it surprised me I felt that way but I knew I was right. It’s a great feeling isn’t it? Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  • I agree with you. Love, for me, is not a massive BAM! It is slow growing and ever present and comfortable. Like sitting in silence and not feeling the need to fill it. Just being with someone and feeling happy in their company.
    x x x

  • I think you’re right, sometimes we don’t even know what love really feels like until someone has gone from our lives forever. If I ever try to imagine life without my little ones now I can’t do it – its such a wrench and I guess that is what love feels like… #Sharewithme

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