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Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Digestive Biscuits Review

As someone who loves tea, it is not unusual for me to have a biscuit at the same time. I have spoken before of my love of biscuits, so this is no surprise. When I was asked to review the new Weight Watchers Dark Digestive Biscuits, how could I say no?!


These new biscuits are 1 propoint per biscuit or 51 calories a biscuit, compared with other digestives which are over 80 calories.

The biscuits come in a handy resealable packet, which did work (other resealable packets I have tried in the past have ripped or not been sticky enough!).


I am not normally keen on dark chocolate, so I was a little hesitant when I tried these biscuits. However, they were really nice! The biscuits are thin and the chocolate layer is thin also, I got a lovely taste of digestive biscuit and chocolate, but the dark chocolate flavour was not overpowering as I have found with other biscuits.

The biscuits, whilst being low in calories, are not a teeny tiny size as you sometimes see! The biscuits were a good size and shape, and didn’t feel too ‘diety’. They were great for dunking.


They went very nicely with my cup of tea, and as I have recently started back on Weight Watchers, the fact they are 1 propoint each means I can still have my biscuit fix and keep within my points.

I was sent a packet of weight watchers dark chocolate digestives in order to undertake this review. Al thoughts and opinions are my own

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