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Weight Watchers Biscuits Review

As you all know I am trying my best to lose weight. Well, struggling more like but I am getting there slowly. I was asked if I would like to try Weight Watchers biscuits, and I was rather pleased when a huge box arrived!

I received:


All the packaging looks bright, clean and you can clearly see the points value on the packet.

Taste wise, I must say I was very impressed with most of these biscuits. They were all 2 propoints or less per portion. I am not much of a chocolate biscuit fan and so naturally gravitated to the non chocolate items first. I LOVED the cranberry and sunflower sees Oaty biscuits. They were really tasty, filling, and did not taste like a low fat biscuit at all. These were my favourites. I like the fact they are individually wrapped, and I used to eat these for a quick breakfast if I was running late. They are not overly fruity, have a nice crunch to them and were very enjoyable!

I was not sure about Ginger and lemon cookies when I first saw them. But when I tasted them, oh my, they were delicious. Again, very tasty and if I didn’t know they were weight watchers I’d never have guessed. I really liked the individual packaging, 2 in each packs made it easy to measure out and tot up your points! The Jaffa cake bars are really nice. Very similar to the Jaffa Cakes we know and love. They were satisfying and were great with a cup of tea. I thought they were a good value points wise as they are a good size, and you feel you’ve had something filling.

Oat Digestives are very nice, and taste lovely and again a great with your cup of tea. The Double chocolate chip cookies, as I said before, I am not as keen on chocolate cookies, but these were tasty and again, like the ginger and lemon cookies, in packs of two. They went down nicely with a cup of tea.

The milk chocolate digestives were nice too. Tasted very similar to other milk chocolate digestives out there. However, I found the resealable pack was not very good, and wouldn’t reseal, and then broke! So I think I’d have preferred them to come in packs of two like the cookies do. I wasn’t so taken with the chocolate biscuits and the caramel wafers – they are just not my sort of thing. They reminded me of bars you’d get in your packed lunch. I am not very keen on chocolate flavoured biscuits as I’ve said before,so I think it’s just my tastes. My sister loved them however.

Overall, I was wry impressed with the weight watchers biscuit range. In all,they were really tasty and I didn’t feel I was missing out on other goodies by eating them.

You can buy Weight Watchers biscuits in most major supermarkets.

I was sent a packet of each of the biscuits reviewed above, in order to undertake this review. This review written by myself and is unbiased and honest

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