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Weight Update: Week 7

I am really enjoying my Weight Watchers at the moment.  7 weeks in, and I am still going strong. I feel very happy and really in the moment. I have been cooking a lot more meals, and I am trying my best to count every thing I eat. I have my little blips, though, and I am starting to see where I have gone wrong in the past. I have bad days, though, not bad I guess but just more foody than others.

So, I have now lost 11lbs. I am down into a new stone bracket, and that feels fab. I had a bit of a disappointing weigh-in today as I stayed the same this week, after I thought I did well. I can only think that I have nibbled a little too much and not counted this, as sometimes I do pick a little. I am very pleased I haven’t put any on though, in 7 weeks. I sometimes think that when I go down a stone bracket, it’s as if my body needs some time to adjust!

I also need one thing I need to do: Get off my arse and excercise. I need to move around more. I have moved jobs recently and I am definitely not as active. I would like to start running, or jogging, or something (free) to do. I quite like swimming as well. I just need to plan a time to go, and make time to get active. I’m pretty sure this is a big reason for staying the same this week.

I’m looking up Simple Start, and think I’ll give that a go next week, for a week. I was going to try this week, but I know I will have a few lunches or meals out this bank holiday weekend and I can manage this better with the propoints.

Body wise, I am losing centimetres! I have lost 3 centimetres from my hips, 8 from
my bust, and 5 from my thighs. I can feel my clothes are looser, and I can see my face looks a bit thinner in the mirror. I have a long way to go but this is a good motivator to me.


I’ve made some lovely healthy meals this week, so glad I am back to cooking from scratch, a few weeks ago I had a bit of a bad week where most of the meals were out of packets, and I can say I really did not feel good at all. We’ve had:

Tofu stir fry with noodles (12pp)red-pepper-lentil-chilli-5pp-propoints

Veggie curry with noodles (10pp)

spicy Roasted vegetable soup (2pp a portion)

lentil and red pepper chilli (5pp a portion)

veggie fajitas (including 2 tortilla wraps, cheese, refried beans, sour cream) (15pp)





As usual, my favourite snacks this month have been some great findsweightwatchers-friendly-snacks-propoints

Fab Ice Lolly – 2 propoints

Freddo – 3pp

Mikado – 1pp for 4 sticks

Mini Twister Ice Lolly – 1pp (bargain!)

Percy Pigs (1pp each)

I really find having a little treat in the evening helps, stops me feeling deprived and once I have had it, I don’t want to eat anything else! Having a 1pp treat in the freezer I think is a great way to ward off any thoughts of sabotaging yourself – with 1pp you feel you have had something but it hasn’t done that much damage!

I am still very motivated, and although it is disappointing I stayed the same this week, I know that next week I can get a good loss. I know what I need to do, so I am going to do it!

If you have any hints and tips, or have started on Simple Start, I’d love to know!

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  • Brilliant Em, you’re doing so well! How fab does it feel to get into that next stone bracket.. I’m 1.5lb away from mine and I want to see it this week if I can. Well done and keep going xxx

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