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What do I see reflecting back

a woman always dressed in black

a woman who has lost her way

a woman not knowing night or day

skin dewy white with reddish hue

hair knotted back; nails chipped and chewed

Skin stretched and marked like tiger stripes

scars that show up when seen in light

hands worn and chapped;

lips red and cracked

flab and flop and frump and fat

eyes glint replaced with confused daze

altogether pieces of a woman crazed

what do I see within the glass

I see myself; I see my past

I need to see my future too

I need to do it for me, for you

I need to fit within my skin

This woman’s next chapter has to begin

Emily Tealady 2013

Prose for Thought
Crazy With Twins

12 thoughts on “Body”

  • Absolutely you need to begin your new chapter! Having said that, I think we all feel a tad like this when our children are still a tad small – dont beat yourself up, some days it’s tough to even get dressed isn’t it?! Great piece of poetry 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes this was written on a bit of a bad day. Things are getting easier week by week so I am sure I will get sorted one of these days!

  • What a touching, raw poem. I feel like you have expressed so eloquently the tiny thoughts, that you try to push away but keep popping back. Thank you for sharing them, for letting lots of people out there know that we are not alone. You look lovely in your pictures, for what it’s worth. But if you’re ready for a new chapter, then I hope it is one full of happiness and possibilities xx

  • This is something I’m sure all mothers can relate to! I find some days are better than others. Today is ok, but yesterday was rubbish and I felt like the voice in each line of your poem. Guess it’s inevitable that we’ll feel physically low after having babies but it’s easy to forget that other women are in the same boat. Writing like this reminds us that our feelings aren’t isolated to us, that they’re natural, and that they wont last. Great piece.x

    • Thank you! Yes I have good days, bad days. I need more motivation to actually do something about it! Thanks for commenting x

  • Thank you! I am sure soon I will pick myself up and get started on sorting myself out. Things are getting easier week by week. Thanks for commenting x

  • It’s a body that has achieved something miraculous and deserves a medal, pretty clothes and a massage. Hope all these rewards come soon, if not, give me your OH’s email address and I’ll see that they do. 🙂

  • I completely sympathise with all that you feel within this poem. It’s so hard getting back to you after you’ve had a baby, but you can do this. It’s so good to write down your feelings. Thank you for linking lovely xx

  • Yes, yes, yes- I relate to this so much! I look in the mirror (when I can’t avoid it!) and think- where did ‘I’ go! Only improved slightly since starting back at work as I have to look smart and presentable 3 days a week (which I actually quite enjoy!)

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