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Weaning Weeks 2&3

Weaning Weeks 2 and 3!

A double post as I have been on my holidays! Weaning is going very well for us. Bubs has really taken to it, and is happily trying anything and everything we have given her! I have found it more of a struggle I think to fit in mealtimes as well as bottles, baby groups and other things, but I think we have settled in a little routine now, and I am much more prepared.

One thing I didn’t realise would happen so quickly is how eager Bubs is to try food, and when we are eating food she looks at us, expecting us to give her some. She is really enjoying the social side of eating, and loves watching us all eat together.

These past few weeks I have tried to make more ‘meal’ type things for her to eat rather than just sticks of vegetable!

She has tried:

Cheesey Pasta with Veg cheesypasta

Vegetable Fajita

Weetabix and Banana

Banana on Toast

Yoghurt (Well, Petit Filous)

Pasta Bake

Chopped up fruit and vegetables

She is also getting the hang of using her Babycup. I was wondering if I was expecting too much of her to use the cup, but after a few times of me helping her, and me trusting her with the water, and preparing myself for it to go everywhere, she has started to pick up and cup and take a little sip. I am so proud of her!


I am very keen to have meal ideas for baby led weaning, as I keen to get her to try lots of different foods. I am making her what we eat, and it is actually helping my me to eat more healthily as well as make more creative and inventive meals.

So far she hasn’t really rejected any food, and hasn’t seemed to not like anything! Which I am hoping is a good sign.

With regards to yoghurt and cereals, I have given her the spoon and she can feed herself with the spoon, although it is a bit of a mess! Sometimes though she will not hold the spoon and will open her mouth and lean forward onto the spoon I am holding, it seems she wants me to give her these foods, I am trying to get her to do it though! She is loving weetabix and yoghurt, although I had a bit of a shock the first time I changed her nappy after giving them to her!

I am really enjoying this time, she is so happy and excited, and she is really enjoying trying foods and joining in a mealtimes.

The next few weeks I am hoping to try her with some more flavoured foods, such as a few spices in a mild curry, and I am planning on making a chilli tonight. I think she will like these flavours, well I hope so as I love cooking with spices! I am going to be a bit more adventurous at breakfast as well, as I am getting bored with cereal, fruit and toast!

If you have any weaning tips, hints or meal ideas, please let me know in the comments below!

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  • Sounds like she’s doing really really well! I have plenty of meal ideas as am now doing BLW for the second time. I made lots of little pastry parcels with various fillings (spinach and ricotta, mince carrot and onion; blueberry and apple) as they are really easy to hold and my kids loved them. Also fish cakes or chicken balls (shredded chicken, mashed potato, carrot and parsnip, roll into little balls, coat in flour and fry). I also used a lot of Sainsbury’s Little Ones recipes, and where it said “mash for baby” I just didn;t. 🙂

  • i really haven’t got on with blw. i don’t know if it’s because i weaned the other 2 from 17w onto purees or whether i panicked that baby wasn’t eating anything!
    i know food is play in the early days and i waited until just about 6m to start. but his motor skills were awful and he dropped down his weight charts.
    now at 10m we do a mix of spoon fed and finger food. his fine motor skills are far now. i need to get his weight checked but with my older 2 off school/nursery it’s impossible!
    this post is very helpful for those starting out. 🙂

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