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Weaning: Week One


Week One

So we have decided to try BLW and have got everything ready – see this post here to find out what things we got.

We have started slightly younger than stated in guidelines, but Bubs has been showing all the signs, and we felt she was ready. You can find out more about weaning and when to start here.


We have started off with just a few things to see how it goes. At each meal time Bubs will sit with us, and if she is interested I will give her something to chew on. So far she has tried:

  • Banana
  • Toast
  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Tangerine
  • Pitta Bread and Houmous
  • Cucumber
  • Falafel
  • Carrot
  • Green Beans
  • Boiled Potato
  • Toast/Bread (cut into ‘soldiers’)
  • Cheese

We have also tried some rice cakes and some corn snacks (look like big wotsits) which she really loved.

Does she like it?

It is hard to know if she likes what she is eating. She makes so many faces, and at time almost shakes herself a bit after trying something (orange was a picture!).

She is chewing, sucking and licking the food, and is biting bits off, if they are too big, she is spitting it out, but she is swallowing some (evidence is in the nappies!) she really doesn’t like bits in her mouth but I have noticed over the last week that she is definitely chewing, and swallowing more.

Hand Eye Co-ordination

Her hand and eye co-ordination is brilliant. She can pick up and put things in her mouth, she will pass from hand to hand, and will use two hands if she needs to. She is also really trying hard with her fine motor skills, she is attempting to pick up smaller pieces and this itself is great practice for her skills. If she drops something she will attempt to pick it up again, and usually can if the piece is still big enough.

Going Out

We have ventured out twice this week; once to her Grandma’s house, where she ate some boiled carrot, green beans and potato, and second to a local cafe where she was brilliant, sat in the highchair and ate cucumber and toast as well as a few big ‘wotsit’ like snack things.

She is watching everything we eat and she is very keen to try everything, and almost expects us to hand something to her. If we take something away or don’t give her something, she will react and start to cry out. She also loves watching me drink out of a glass. I let her pretend to ‘drink’ out of the glass. I also do this with the Babycups.


Initially, she didn’t seem keen on the babycup, and was a bit shocked as the drink sort of washed all over her! Now however, practising with the cup, and watching me ‘drink’ out of it, and pretending to drink out of other cups and glasses, she is starting to drink from them. At the moment I am having to hold it to her mouth, but she did pick it up once and out it to her mouth. She inevitably makes a mess but it is fun watching her try. The best thing about the shower curtain and the Ikea high chair is that both help with spillages: The high chair retains all the water on the tray as it has a lip, and if any goes on the shower curtain it repels it, meaning it is easy to clean up and doesn’t soak through to the carpet.

So this week has been a success. I really need to make sure I give her food at each mealtime, and I do need to think ahead a little about what food to get, and what we can all eat at mealtimes. I know she can eat what we have, but this means healthy food, and recently that has been a bit scarce, so this is really helping me to see I need to eat healthily.

We are on holiday from Saturday, so it will be interesting how we get on not being at home. Everyone in the family has reacted well to BLW although my Mum and Dan’s Mum seem a little bemused and seem to worry that Bubs will choke. As we are going on a family holiday, it will be interesting to see how we do with others around!

I am also thinking of trying Bubs with some mashed food, such as weetabix. I am also interested in whether she would like the texture better, or if she would eat more.

If you are starting to, or are weaning, I would love to hear from you, and any tips and advice you may have – let me know in the comments below!



5 thoughts on “Weaning: Week One”

  • She’s amazing & so advanced for her age etc! Brilliant co-ordination & blw suits her so well ­čÖé xx

  • I love BLW – we’re on to the second time around at the moment! Top tips would be to try really squiggly pasta shapes, they’re easy to hold onto and suck/chew and also check out MAM Dippers to use for yoghurt – I load the spoon and hand it to Elma, and the dipper spoon is much easier for her to hold onto.

    • thank you for your comment, great ideas thank you! I’ll check out the dippers as I tried her with weetabix today and I was wondering if there was an wasier way for her to eat it!

  • We started with purees as we started weaning just after Harry was 5 months. With the benefit of hindsight I wish we had just gone full into BLW which we switched to as soon as he hit 6 months; way easier and suited our parenting style better too. x

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