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This Month I’ve Read….

I am linking up for the first time to This Month I Read, by the wonderful Muttering Mummy. Check it out if you want to find some new reads! So, here we go, this is what I’ve read in November……

The Hunger Games Trilogy

This was a great trilogy, really engrossing and thought provoking. I was a little unsure at first, this being a young adult fiction, but I recently read Rose Under Fire which was fab and also a young adult fiction book, so I was prepared to give it a go. I’d seen the first film, which prompted me to read the first book, as I’d enjoyed it so much – to my surprise. What I thought the book was about, was not really what’s it was about at all. I was discussing this with Dinky Thinks on twitter and discovered there is a world of dystopian fiction – and this sits nicely within that sphere.

If you are not aware of the book, Katniss Everdeens’ life changers forever the day she volunteers instead of her sister to take part in the Hunger Games, an annual event that is held in Panem, a country that exists years after the world as we know it has been ravaged and destroyed by war. The games are held as a reminder to the districts, 12 in all, that they owe their lives to the government who sit within the Capitol. An attempted rebellion was quashed years earlier, and district 13 was destroyed. Each district is reminded of the destruction of 13 and the power of the Capitol through the games. Each year a boy and a girl are picked in the ‘Reapings’ to take part in the games. The objective of the games is to kill all your opponents, and be the winner. The winner becomes rich, and becomes a mentor to the next contestants of the games. Out of the 12 districts, 12 is the poorest, it’s objective mining coal. Each district has a trade, and no one can travel between the districts. The first book sets the scene, and depicts Katniss’ Games. With her in the arena is Peeta, a boy she didn’t really know before. I loved the first book, it’s fast pace, it’s twists and turns and suspense.

Book two, Catching Fire, continues the story, and things become clearer – this trilogy is not about what you think it is. I found this book harder to get into than the first, and initially I was frustrated as I felt it was going in the wrong direction. But by the end of the book, and an fantastic ending, things are being made clear.

I have literally just finished the Third Book, Mockingjay. (Thanks to Pram on Ryefor lending me the book when I was desperate!) I found this a hard book to read.Personally, I felt it didn’t flow as well, and I didn’t really see where this was going. I just didn’t believe the actions and choices made in this book. I also felt some of it was a little over the top, dramatic, and not really what Katniss would have done. It’s quite a depressing book, darker than the other two. I found the ending not living up to my expectation, although there is a good twist.

Overall, I felt the Hunger Games were so well written, very clever and complex. Suzanne Collins has written a fantastic trilogy – I just wish she could have written the end slightly differently. Having read these books, and having had that chat with Dinky Thinks, I am going to explore dystopian fiction a bit more. It’s hard to talk about these books without giving so much away, so I have deliberately not mentioned much about the other books, but I’d be ever so interested in what you thought about the series also.

So, November was all about The Hunger Games! I am pretty chuffed I managed 3 books this month. I am just about to start Gone Girl, so that will definitely be featured in next months post!

What have you been reading?

3 thoughts on “This Month I’ve Read….”

  • Thanks for linking up lovely 🙂

    I loved The Hunger Games trilogy and reading your post and tweets has made me want to read them AGAIN lol.

    I enjoyed them all, the first the most then second then third. There was times when I found Katniss really unlikeable but she always redeemed herself to me.

    Can’t wait to read these books again and see the second film 🙂

  • I really enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy too but I did find Mockingjay hard going, it just didn’t flow as well like you said and seemed a little like an after-thought. I found Katniss really un-likeable at points as well.

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