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Thinking Slimmer, Sacking Sugar #slimpod

As long term readers are aware, I have been on a mission to lose weight for just over a year now. I wrote this post about how I felt at the time, and in a  year I have lost 16 pounds. Not as much as I would have liked, but I have had a few family and emotional issues in this time, which did set me back a bit. I am pleased I have lost this weight, that I haven’t got any heavier, but I have been struggling with the whole yo-yoing up and down over the last 6 months – I have gained and lost half a stone in this time.

With my Dad’s cancer diagnosis, it gave me the signal I needed. I wanted to get healthy for the sake of my daughter, my family – I have to keep going with my weight loss and not give up. Easier said then done, however. Emotional eating is my downfall, and this very stressful time has meant I have reverted to comfort eating and stuffing my face with chocolates and sweets in the hope that would make me feel better. Feeling tired and not feeling like cooking has also meant more takeaways, more junk food and basically I was feeling very bloated, and yucky and basically fed up. I knew what I had to do, what I wanted to do, but I couldn’t find a time, a moment to stop what I was doing and get back on the wagon again. Couple all this with my general anxiety about my health and my fears of developing type 2 diabetes like my Mum, and I knew I needed to do something, but I was at a loss as to how I could move forward.

Then I saw a post by Kate at Striking Mums. It was asking for people who wanted to drop 2 dress sizes, and quit sugar. Something clicked, and I knew I had to take up this opportunity. I contacted Kate and signed up to a Thinking Slimmer focus group, which was focussing primarily on kicking sugar habits. It couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

What is a Slimpod?

A slimpod is a podcast that you listen to every night for 21 days and then after this you listen as and when you need it. It is a cutting edge weight loss solution created by Harley street neuroscience experts Sandra Roycroft-Davis and Trevor Silvester. The slimpods last for 10 minutes and in the time you listen, it re-tunes your mind to make healthier choices and to make positive changes to your life without even thinking.

Sounds….a bit airy fairy, doesn’t it? How can listening to a slimpod actually make you lose weight? Well, I had to give it a go.

You download the slimpod from the site, or you can purchase it as a CD. I have managed to download my slimpods on to my ipad, android phone and my kindle fire quite easily.

So, I started my slimpod over a week ago.

I have 2 slimpods – one is Drop 2 Jeans Sizes or More, and the other is a ‘habit-breaker’ The Chocoholic Cure. I listen to mine just before I go to bed, and listen to the slimpods one after another. It is up to you when you listen to your slimpod, but you can feel sleepy when you listen, as you are encouraged to relax, so I like to do it before bed. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep listening, as your ‘ears are always awake’ as Trevor says!

I have found that I start to listen, and then start to drift off into a lovely sleepy trance. I either fall asleep or wake up just at the end of the slimpods. It is so strange when I do this, as I really can’t remember hearing any of them! However, I feel it is working.

You make a contract with yourself that is in the handbook that you download from the site. Every day you should write what good things or differences you have made that day, to help you focus before your slimpods. There is a lot of advice on the website, as well as the handbook. You also can join the facebook group for more support from other slimpod users. It feels very positive, supportive and non-judgemental.

The main thing I have noticed is that food is not the main subject of discussion. How you are feeling, positive choices, changing lifestyles are what you notice. The food element is there but it isn’t as important. It doesn’t matter what you eat, there is no diet. It is liberating, and the fact that nothing is bad, or wrong is a refreshing way to look at things. You can’t mess up, there is no ‘start again tomorrow’ as what I am finding is that I am naturally stopping eating when I feel full, I am choosing to eat fruit, and water rather than chocolate and fizzy drinks. I go to bed pleased with what I have achieved during the day, rather than feeling I have messed up, and waiting for a tomorrow that never comes. I haven’t eaten chocolate or sweets for over 2 weeks – I haven’t even felt interested in them, even when they have been in my eyesight!

I feel energised, more motivated to complete tasks at home and at work – things that I have been putting off previously. I feel confident to try new things and I even tried some size 16 clothes – stretchy ones – that actually did fit. I felt so pleased with myself.

The emphasis when you are listening to your slimpod is not about your weight, not to jump on the scales but to measure your success in other ways. In my first week I did jump on the scales and I lost 4lbs. However I haven’t felt the need to weigh myself again, and I just ‘know’ that if I keep on doing what I’m doing, I WILL lose weight and I WILL be achieving my goals.

I will write some more posts soon about how I am getting on, but I am loving what I am doing at the moment, and listening to the slimpod has definitely helped me feel more positive and in control of what I am eating and how I am feeling.

Are you Thinking Slimmer? How do you like the Slimpods? Let me know if you are!



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