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Thinking Slimmer: 21 Days Later…..

I have been using my slimpod for over 21 days now. It has honestly changed my outlook on good, diet and also given me a much more positive outlook on life.

On 15th July, I downloaded my slimpod and I took note of my weight: 14 stone 11lbs

Today, 14th August and I weigh:

I’ve lost lbs in 4 weeks. No diet, no stress, no guilt.

I am so proud of myself because this is something I have achieved, without a diet club or plan. I used to think the only way I could lose weight was to do things that way, but not now. I have managed to choose my meals and lose weight. 

My mindset has changed completely. I see food as fuel, something to channel me through the day rather than it being a major part of my life. When I’ve eaten my meal, I know that’s it, and I don’t need anything else. I enjoy my meals, and I make sure what I eat at every meal is something I really, really want to eat. I crave healthy foods, fruit and veg. I feel better inside and out for eating in this way.


My dependence on sugar has reduced dramatically. I haven’t had a bar of chocolate in over a month. I haven’t had sweets either. My intake of diet coke has reduced. I don’t feel the need to eat a pudding after my main meals now. I feel this is the biggest factor in my weight loss: no snacking of sweet or sugary foods, even when I am low in mood. I just don’t think about food in that way. 

Yes, it’s not all been plain sailing and this is by no means a quick fix. I have had slices of cake, a few ice creams here or there. But instead of extras I am eating these things as part of my life, my diet. I am not eating an ice cream at 4pm then snacking and eating a massive main meal later on in the day, for example. It sort of balances out. 

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