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Things to do in your ‘Me Time’

As I wrote in a previous post, Me Time is so important for us. Time away metime2from babies, away from the house chores and tasks.

But isn’t it always the way, that when you get some ‘Me Time’, you never know what to do with it? I spend half this precious time working out what I am going to do with it, and then before I know it, it’s over.

I know it may take some of the delight out of this time by having to plan it, but if you have a few ideas up your sleeve, then when it happens, you can really enjoy it.

So here are a few ideas of mine about how I like to (or want to) spend ‘Me Time’


1. Body Maintenance

Yes, this is one I really need to do! Whether its shaving my legs, dyeing my hair, cutting, filing and painting my nails, I really need to sort myself out. These are not the kind of things you can do with a 6 month old rolling around your legs. I could probably do a top 10 of body maintenance tasks, but I think I will leave it here.

2. Read a Book

Ah yes. Escape into another world, for a little while. Reading a book keeps me sane. I love reading and I am so glad I am still doing it. Sometimes I can only manage 5 mins, other times an hour. But each moment is bliss. Especially if I can add a hot cup of tea and a slice of cake into the mix.

3.Go to a Cafe

Go out, order a drink, sit in a cafe and chill out. You could also do this by adding a book (as above) or you could even meet a real life human being and talk for a bit. Sometimes I just like to go on my own, and sit, and do nothing but watch the world go by.

4. Excercise

This may not seem so exciting, but once you try it, you find you want to do more. Whether this is a run around the block, a DVD at home (Shred or Davina are my favourites) or whether you go to the leisure Centre, it is a little time to yourself, and you are making yourself feel and look better at the same time. I am going to Body Balance at the moment, and I am really enjoying it. There’s something you wouldn’t have heard me say this time last year.

5. Shopping

Ah, shopping alone, I used to do this all the time. The best thing about shopping alone is that you can go to whatever shop you want, spend whatever you want, spend as long as you want in each shop, and actually buy everything you want to without someone nagging you to go home. I spend this time to go and buy all these confidence clothes that I keep yarping on about

6. Watch a DVD/TV

Sit down, with a cuppa, and watch a DVD. Simples. I am currently obsessed with Breaking Bad, and I love nothing more than having a 45 min break to watch it. I ever seem to be able to watch anything on TV anymore as I fall asleep approximately half an hour after Bubs does, so if it’s not a DVD, than Catch Up TV is a fave (although I can’t find anything to actually catch up on at the moment).

7. Get Crafty

OK, I haven’t done this yet but I am planning on doing, especially with Christmas around the corner. I am a Pinterest lover and you can find just about every crafty thing going on there. Some of my favourite blogs are crafty too so I am going to actually try some of their ideas.

8. Make your favourite Meal

Yes, whether it is a lunch, a sandwich, or a slap up meal, cooking a meal that you love is not only scrummy but I think therapeutic. I love my red pepper and bulgar wheat chilli and I hadn’t made it at all since Bubs was born. I made it last week. That was one gorgeous mouth full, I can tell you.

9. Find your Ipod

I hadn’t dug out my iPod since January (since before Bubs was born). I had forgotten to listen to music, that before I would listen to on a near daily basis. Find your iPod, your CDs, whatever you use to listen to music. Update your playlist, buy some new (non-child related) music. Sit, lie, drive – listen to it. It was like finding myself again.

10. Date Night

You may want to fall into a heap on the sofa if you happen to have an evening to yourself with your partner. But go out! Have a date night. Go to the cinema, go to the pub, have a meal, go to a concert. Prise your eyes open with matches, but do something together. I haven’t actually managed to do anything other than go to the pub 5 mins from my house, but I’m working up to the other things.

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