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The Dummy Bermuda Triangle

So, what was I doing about five minutes before I sat down to write this post? I was on my hands and knees, in my daughters bedroom, trying to locate her “diddy” or as everyone else knows it, dummy.

Yes, yes, I know not everyone is a fan of the dummy, or soother, or whatever you want to call it. For us, it was something we decided to do as it was right for us. Yes, it is a bit annoying now and yes, I can’t wait to burn them all and laugh manically when the day comes I can prise them away from her. At the moment, she likes to have them as she goes to sleep.

Except today, when I couldn’t find the damn thing.

No matter where I looked, every corner, nook and cranny, no dummy was to be seen.


After a few minutes, I get desperate.

“Where’s the Diddy?” I asked my 12 month old.
“Diddy! Diddy!” She cried and pointed.

Now I must really be cracking up as I’m then going to the actual place where she’s pointed to, to look. Just in case she’s a genius and can tell me everything.

“Diddy?” She asks questioning, hopeful, as I scrabble around.

“No diddy” I sigh, and start my crawl around the room again.

I find a hair bobble, a receipt, some odd socks and an earring I lost 3 years ago.

No diddy.

I pat her down like I’m a security guard at an airport. No diddy.

I look behind toys and under the mattress of her cot. No diddy.

Where the hell is it? How can it be hard to find a dummy!

Is there some sort of Bermuda Triangle where all dummy’s go to? Seriously, we go through dummy’s quicker than I can eat a Milky Way. They must be somewhere.

I feel like Liam Neeson on a mission: “Dummy’s, I will find you, and when I do, I will sterilise you”

There are times when I can’t find a dummy, and then suddenly she has one in her mouth, one I haven’t seen probably for 6 months. Where was it? Will she tell me? No. Of course not. She’s a baby.

I found one in the garden the other day. All chewed up and savaged by the local wildlife. How it got into the garden, which I hadn’t stepped foot into over the winter, is still a mystery.

On this occasion, to commence nap time I had to go down stairs to find yet another dummy. Luckily I knew one was actually clean and waiting in the kitchen.

“Diddy!” She says, and rolls over for her nap. Happy at last.

I go downstairs to cry and write this post.


15 thoughts on “The Dummy Bermuda Triangle”

  • I remember the whole dummy dilemma very well. My first baby used one and it worked well for us. She quite happily gave it to the ‘fairies’ to take to my friend ready for when her new baby arrived at around fourteen months. My second managed without one but I think, as a result, has been a much worse sleeper. You do what suits you, but I remember the desperation to find the lost dummy so well!

  • Oh I hear ya!!
    We like you, only use them to sleep. We must have a hundred dummies, and we always need two as she thumbs one and sucks the other. It’s a mad hunt every day! Where do they actually go??

  • Oh my goodness – where do they go, indeed! I have nearly written a similar post (but not as good) so many times but have been too busy. Looking for dummies. I reckon I’ve bought 50 dummies for number 3, aged 17 months. We currently have a working quorum of 5. Even the down-the-side-of-the-cot stash has gone. Where? Where? Liam, where are you when we need you? x

  • Bermuda Triangle must have all your dummies and all my kids socks. lol Neither of my kids would ever take one, even when I persisted and tried my best to get them too. Would have helped a lot in the beginning. Although I am sure I would have ended up having a black hole in my house somewhere where they all would end up. Kinda like Missy Moo’s socks. Somehow I got through handfuls each week and come out with just one out of the dryer. I am cursed. So i know I would be with dummies too. Glad you had a spare. Stock up! lol Ten years down the line you will find their hiding place all together. Hahaha Thank you so much for linking to Share With Me, introducing me to you and your awesome blog. Hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

  • Today we have lost 4 dummies! 4!!! I have no idea where they have gone, I’m blaming magic!

    Our only saving grace was an old dummy found down the back of the sofa as we were looking for the other 4.

    There’s definitely a Dummy Bermuda Triangle xx

  • Oh I remember this SO well! Two of mine have taken dummies and I used to send them to bed with two or three a night so they could always find one! I do remember a few times collecting them up in the morning and finding more than I put them to bed with!! And then on other occasions it didn’t matter how hard we looked we just couldn’t find them – they’d be missing for weeks then would suddenly turn up, staring at me from the most obvious place!

  • My youngest has a dummy at the moment, one moment I can’t find a single one. 1 hour later I manage to happen upon 3. The baby socks are the worst though!

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