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The Craft of Slumber – Prose for Thought

The Craft of Slumber


A moment encaptured

a warm embrace

rocking gently to a silent rhythm

I see the sleep wash across your face


You look up and right into my eyes

a knowing glint within

a connection between a mother and child

both made of the same skin


this precious moment I won’t forget

the time between the night and day

singing, lulling you to your dreams

a mother showing you the way


safe, secure you start to slide

into the dream land, waiting there

I see you try and stay awake

but soon you give in, without a care


peace, serene you look so calm

as I watch you in that world

a lump, caught in my throat

my heart in knots a twirled


No-one else can make you drift away

make you fall so quickly under

this moment is ours to hold awhile

the cool calm craft of slumber


Emily Tealady 2013

Prose for Thought

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