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The clown who came for tea

I came home today to find a visitor in my house.



He is a clown that is usually at Gymboree, a toddler class we attend weekly. Bubs loves going,but most of all she loves Gymbo. She will do anything for Gymbo. Gymbo is on his summer holidays and visiting some of the children that attend. (Gymboree is a great little class by the way.)

I must admit, when I first went to this class and saw Gymbo, my heart skipped a beat. There’s just something about a clown that gives me the heeby geebies. He’s innocent enough, but his eyes follow you around the room…..and that smile…..

She went to sleep straight away last night. Straight away! That kind of thing is unheard of. But she needed to have Gymbo with her.

However, I can’t help thinking that Gymbo is slightly…..freaky.

When she went to bed last night, and I checked on her before I went to bed, all I could see were Gymbo’s eyes looking at me in the dark. I sat him on the floor, and that just made things worse. He looked like he might get up at any moment.

Images of IT flashed through my eyes….my heart racing slightly. Trying to shake off the crazy clown scary stories that are flooding my mind. I am being ridiculous, I tell myself.

My sister hates clowns so much. When I showed her a photo of Gymbo she said: “who the hell gave her that!?”

But Bubs loves him! She got up this morning and just wants to hug him.

We need to take Gymbo out on adventures and take photos to show them all at the class. I need to be creative, I can’t just take him out to Sainsbury’s. It’s nice I guess as it means we will plan a nice trip out and I know Bubs will love it. I just have to think of where. Oh, and to carry a toddler sized clown soft toy everywhere with me.

Gymbo is just a toy, an innocent, slightly creepy looking toy, and he makes Bubs smile. We have 6 days left with him. Not that I’m counting.

Do your kids love weird toys, or toys that sort of give you the creeps? I’d love to know!

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  • I couldn’t stop laughing reading this. Reminded me of THE DOLL that Eleanor had. The things you do for your kids…..x

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