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Telling people about your pregnancy – how did you do yours?

Is there a certain way to announce to the world that you are pregnant? I didn’t really give it much thought to be honest. I have seen quite creative and fancy announcements, and in my mind, before I was pregnant, I imagined having some witty poem or such like emblazoned across my Facebook. It didn’t turn out that way really.

The Text:

The first person I told, after my partner of course, was my sister. I texted her and it went something like this:

Me: I have some news for you

Sister: You’re pregnant, aren’t you?

Me: Yes

Sister: How far?

Me: About 5 weeks

Sister: Let’s not talk about this again for at least 7 weeks

And that was that.

By Phone:

I told my mum and dad after I had an early scan (7 weeks) as I had been frightened it was another ectopic pregnancy. I was so excited I forgot my mum was down with my grandad, as he hadn’t been very well.

Me: hi mum, I have some news. I’m pregnant, I had a scan today and everything’s fine.


Me: hold on….can we keep this to ourselves….oh hello Grandad, yes….I’m having a baby……yes, early days…..well I want going to tell anyone….hello? On hello Aunty sue, yes, oh thank you….due 3rd feb…..

So I didn’t really think it through. Most of my family knew before I really wanted them to.

We agreed we wouldn’t tell anyone else until after the 12 week scan. Close friends, family who hadn’t been at my granddads.

The awkward announcement

Well, I say that. Dan let it slip a few weeks before. When he was drunk. To his best friend – who’s sister was also best friends with his sister.

Cue a much hurried debate about whether to tell my partners sister the news. She must have known something was up, as she looked a bit pale and drawn. My partner told her over the Sunday dinner.

Partner: me and Em are having a baby

Sister: oh. Congratulations.

Where she preceded to cry and then run up the stairs.

Cue silence.

Quite awkward really.

I think she felt a bit overcome with emotion, and probably thought all the secrecy was down to one of us having a terminal illness or something, or a bit upset she hadn’t known before. I think it was a relief and then she felt a bit silly maybe. She was fine the next day.


As for everyone else, we debated about the whole Facebook thing, and in the end we just put up an announcement when I was over 20 weeks. No scan picture, no carefully constructed photo, no witty poem. I was a bit over the whole announcement thing by then.

How did you announce your pregnancy?

How did you announce you were pregnant? How did people react?


13 thoughts on “Telling people about your pregnancy – how did you do yours?”

  • I think it is interesting as there is so much more “sharing” of everything on Facebook and Twitter now. You are right there are some fancy announcement ideas if you have the time and effort to do them !

    My 2 girls are now 7 and 10 and we only told close family for the first 12 weeks and then anyone else as we met them after that !

  • This is yet another thing that hyperemesis takes away from pregnancy. Lily was the first baby in our family for about 15 years. I told my parents & sister early on but then I was hospitalised at 8 weeks so my mum had to tell the rest of the family. No big, happy announcement coz I felt like I was dying. Second time, Lily’s 5th birthday coincided with hyperemesis at its peak. I was so ill at her party that I had to tell people. Again, it didn’t feel like a happy event to me & I was hospitalised the next day. Not how I imagined my pregnancy announcements at all!

  • We tried to keep it quiet for the first 12 weeks but I was very ill and showing before I reached 12 weeks. We told my hubby’s parents and close family but not anyone else. Eventually everyone just kind of knew. No facebook announcement or anything.

  • We visited and told immediate family at 5 weeks, and then kept it quiet until after the 12 week scan to tell the rest of the world! Similar with Little Man, though that was more necessity telling family as I had complications and needed them to watch Boo while I went for scans. All exciting stuff!

  • Family mostly knew straight away as have history of miscarriages with complications, so needed them to know. Also vomiting and migraines sort of have the game away. Didn’t tell anyone else till after about 16 weeks then only if we saw them. Felt like I was tempting fate telling anyone.

  • This did make me giggle a little bit.. sorry if it wasn’t so funny for you! To be honest, I really can’t remember how we announced (8 and 6 years ago now) but I’m sure it wasn’t fancy. Loved the McFly announcement, that must have been the best ever x

  • This time, we told our parents not long after finding out at 5 weeks. We told some close friends before 12 weeks, we were at a wedding when I was about 9 weeks and it was obvious I wasn’t drinking so it was hard to disguise! Then when we had the scan we told our 5 year old daughter, we filmed her reaction ’cause we knew it would be fantastic! My husband put the video on facebook so announced it that way! I however actually haven’t announced it in that way, I suppose I just started talking/tweeting and blogging about it!
    To be honest I love the 1st few weeks when no one knows and it’s a special secret you can smile to yourself about!

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