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Storytelling Challenge

It’s National Tell a Story Day! I was challenged to write a children’s story with the help of another blogger’s prompts by Room To Grow. My prompts were:

Character: A wise old owl
Setting: A quiet forest
Object: A lost teddy bear
So here’s my story! Nancy did help a bit 😉
The Owl and The Lost Teddy Bear:

Once upon a time,
there lived an owl so wise
With a Brown feathery coat
and big yellow eyes

He was clever,
that is true
but he had a secret
no other animal knew

He lived in the tallest tree
A great big oak
And he’d answer big questions
When he spoke

The woodland animals came
To hear him speak
And ask him questions
They did with a squeak

He knew all the answers
He was never wrong
Until the day
He met someone

This animal was different
He looked a bit stuffy
With beady eyes
And hands all puffy

He had golden hair
and a little red hat
but he looked so sad
on the rock where he sat..

“I am a teddy”
The animal said
“I am lost, where am I?
I need to get back to my bed!”

“I live in a House
with a bright green door
George will be missing me
I’ve never been lost before!”

The owl, he thought
And thought some more
Where was this House
Teddy looked for?

“You are in the quiet wood”
The owl said
“I will help you to find
your place called Bed”

He looked around the wood
Under rocks and in holes
He asked the foxes
And he asked the moles

“I am looking for a bed
You see, it is in a place called house.
Would you know just where it is?”
He asked the little mouse.

“It’s for Teddy here
– he’s lost his way
he needs to go back to House
where George wants to play”

The Owl could not find Bed
he looked up with a sigh
and then he realised he could fly!

Owl started to run
soon they were up in the sky
“yippee!” cried Teddy
“oh no!” Owl cried

Owl didn’t look down
he looked straight ahead
“Don’t worry Owl – I’m here!”
the Teddy bear said

Teddy looked,
waiting to see his green door
he thought they’d never find it
but then there! Number 4!

“My house!” cried Teddy
“There it is!” cried the owl so wise
They flew up to the window
and Teddy snuck back inside

“Thank you for helping me”
Teddy Bear said
It’s been an adventure
now it’s time for bed!

“I’ll come back and see you”
the Owl he twit-twooed
then gathered his courage
back to the quiet woods he flew

So if you hear an owl at night
saying “twit-twit-twoo!”
he’s saying hello to Teddy Bear
and he he’s saying Hello to you


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