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Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Small Steps, Amazing Achievements

This week, we have had a great step forward – Bubs has started to sit up on her own! She can manage a few good minutes before she topples over, but she seems to enjoy the falling over as much as the sitting! She just seemed to be able to do it, so strange! Now all she wants to do is sit up!

Sitting Up
Sitting Up

Aswell as sitting up, she is taking much more interest in food, I don’t think it will be long before she grabs something out of my hand!

She is also still turning over, and shuffling about by moving her legs, but she’s not lifting her head up at the moment, she still seems to be able to move herself off the mat though!

Every week it seems she is doing more and more – I can’t keep up!

I have linked up this post with Ethan’s Escapades Small Steps Amazing Achievements


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