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Slow and steady wins the race: Walking with toddlers

Oh, how I laughed and clapped with glee as I saw my little girl take a few steps into the unknown.

Oh how I felt so excited for her – movement! Independence! I thought it would make life easier. I thought I’d be able to do more.

Go on, I know you laughed then.

Like Pandora’s box the world of movement is now available to Bubs, and yes she loves it. She wants to walk all the time, and everywhere we go.


This can cause issues if you are late for the bus or a doctors appointment.

It would be ok if we were both going in the same direction. Or if we didn’t stop every few steps to try and eat a bit of litter or to pick a flower.

Sometimes she turns around completely and tries to walk the other way.

Luckily I invested in a set of reins to try and keep her near. My years of having a dog as a pet have been put to good use. Using a rein, walking a dog – it’s all a much of a muchness until you realise dogs at a year old will do as they’re told and sit still and only poo in the garden.

Stairs were things I never used to think much of before. Now I break out into a sweat if I see any nearby. This baby thinks she’s Bruce Willis in Die Hard, I’m sure. She will scale buildings, stairs and anything that’s in her way to reach whatever it is she wants – a toy, a piece of plastic or just for the hell of it. I blink and then in seconds she’s by the stairs, looking at me as it to say ‘yeah, I could go up these if I wanted to. And you won’t stop me’. She places a hand on the stairs, then slowly turns her head to make sure I watching.

“No stairs” I say.

“No” she says, shaking her head. Her other hand now carefully placed onto the first step. A slow, Cheshire-cat like smile spreads across her face. I get ready to grab her before her ascent commences.

She will try and put on my shoes and grab my handbag and says “bye!” Which is very sweet indeed, although usually my handbag is spread all over the floor and she’s chewing my payslip.

The buggy is now a restrictive device made for torture. Only bribery in the form of biscuits and drinks will allow temporary respite.

I don’t get anywhere on time anyway, but now Bubs can walk, it is an even even later and slower process. She looks so delighted to be toddling around and of course I am pleased for her. My hunchback from bending down so much may disagree.

They say slow and steady wins the race. I hope so…..

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