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Sleep Well Event with Next Garden and Home Store Bristol

I couldn’t wait to go and have a look around the Next Garden and Home Store in Cribbs Causeway. We were invited to their blogger sleep well event as they have just opened and it is one of the first Garden and Home stores Next have! It also includes Next’s very first Bed Shop. The other added bonus for me was the Costa Coffee outlet which is inside!

We had a fabulous talk with Sammy Margo, a sleep export who has written the book The Good Sleep Guide, all about getting a good night’s sleep. We listened to Sammy and she gave some really useful and easy tips you can use at home to get a good nights’ sleep. You can follow Sammy on twitter @goodsleepexpert


Some tips were:
· Your room should be pink or green as these are colours which help us to get a good nights’ sleep

· Have a ‘sleepy snack’ before bed such as a banana, oats or turkey

· Make sure your pillow is not too old and supports you properly (Sammy showed us a fab trick to see if your pillow needs replacing – fold pillow in half and put a trainer on top. If it pings off, it’s fine – if it stays on there, it’s too old and needs replacing)


· Have a bedtime routine just like your children do – have a nice hot bath, read and relax before bed

· Turn off all electronic devices by 9pm (although Sammy admits for bloggers this is hard!)

· Keep room cool as this helps sleep – 18 degrees is the ideal room temperature


I really found this talk useful as my partner doesn’t sleep well and I can find it hard to relax. I am definitely getting us some more pillows as ours don’t pass the test!

We were given a lovely goody bag to help us get a good nights sleep and also a gift card to choose something from the store. We then had time to browse the store and buy some lovely things! I had a look at all the beds and they all looked really comfy and cosy and a lot of different styles and types. They also had some fab accessories for bedrooms, bathrooms and every part of the house! I thought the variety was very good.



I loved these bedroom styles – I noticed that many of the bedrooms were accessorised with green or pinky colours.


In the end I chose a wall clock and a set of candles. As we have just moved into a new house, our first home, I have never really ‘accessorised’ before so it was lovely to have such a lot of things to choose from.

I felt that the store was lovely and bright, everything was laid out well (according to colours which is great when thinking of what you want for certain rooms) and there was a variety of different colours and styles to suit.
The items I chose were lovely and when I got them home I had a good look at them. The candles were lovely and look great in my downstairs loo. They don’t have a fragrance though which I was a little disappointed about. The clock looks fab, and will look great on my kitchen wall. It looks well made.

I loved the goody bag and I am really impressed with the fragrance diffuser. I have never used one of these before but I will do from now on – it was so easy to put together and it smells gorgeous. I have it in my bedroom and the smell (Garden Mint and Elderflower) is wonderful and very calming – I feel like I have slept better since I have put it in there!


We then had a lovely lunch at Carluccio’s. It was a great day and it was lovely to see the new store and see what Next had to offer. I will definitely be back again.

I was invited to the Next blogger event where we were given a goody bag and a voucher. We we also taken out for lunch at carluccios. However all opinions within this post are my own

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