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Sleep, Glorious Sleep

Sleep is something I used to take for granted before I had a baby. It really is something that knocks you for six. Those first few weeks with a newborn, were horrific sleep wise. After a while, your body just goes into auto pilot. I felt I was living in a dream.

Things have improved a lot since then. Bubs has always been good at going to sleep, and I have been lucky in that I have had a good chunk of sleep at a time for a while. People ask if babies sleep through, and I’ve never really understood that phrase. I could say that Bubs sleeps through, as some nights she only stirs, and then settles again very quickly. Other nights however, it can take a lot longer!

When Kiddicare asked me if I would like to take part in a sleep survey, I thought it would be a really interesting and useful idea. There are a few of us taking part in the survey. Basically you complete a chart about you, and your baby’s sleep and how you feel in between.

I started the survey at the beginning of February. So far, it has shown me that Bubs wakes up at similar times throughout the night, usually about 2am and then about 5am. She only wakes, or cries, for a few minutes, and is usually soothed and calmed back to sleep by her dummy. Yes – I notice the link too! This dummy seems to be the reason perhaps she is waking.

Teething has also played a part these past few weeks and there have been a few occasions when she has woken up due to her sore bum, or because she is in pain. Other times she wakes up, and I have no real idea why!

Her bed time is about 7pm-8pm. I think this is OK, but I have been thinking recently of our bedtime routine. She has her dinner, then bath and once she is in her pyjamas, she has her bottle. After this, we may read a book or she will play for 5-10mins. Then she says goodnight and goes up to her cot anywhere between 7-8pm. I will put her down at this time, but she can take anything from 10mins to 45mins to actually settle and fall asleep. I put her in her cot, and put on her mobile, and then come down stairs. I will go back up after the music has finished and/or she is calling out or crying.

These last few nights she has gone to sleep a lot more quickly, so maybe she is settling into this routine. However, this all depends on my getting organised enough, getting her tea and bath done on time, and to bed on time. Sometimes her dinner is not finished until gone 6pm, and I think I really need to work on getting dinner ready earlier.

So, undertaking this sleep survey has got me thinking already! I will update you on how we are going. As part of the pack I received with the survey, I have been sent a book Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques by Rebecca Welton about sleep techniques that are not controlled crying – something I am not keen to undertake. I will let you know how I get on with the book and any hints and tips I find out! You can also read more tips around sleeping and win a copy of Rebecca’s book on the Kiddicare Blog .

Do you have any baby sleep tips or hints? How does your baby sleep? Let me know in the comments below!


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