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Short Thoughts

I cant find the time to blog, so now I’m going to try writing these short thoughts for you. An insight into my mind.

Today I have been wondering about my job, and where it’s going.

I’ve been eating a lot of chocolate. I can’t lie. I ate a Milky Way and a mini dairy milk.

I’ve spent quite a long time in the shower just to get a bit of me time.

I kept smiling today even when I didn’t feel like it.

I couldn’t be bothered to bath the Bubs. But I did get her to brush her teeth.

Bed time was fairly easy although I am singing twinkle twinkle in a manic fashion.

We got a night light yesterday and it seems to be working. Although we set it wrong yesterday and it said it was time to get up at 1am.

Pretty sure my shoes smelt a bit today which was a bit embarrassing.

I keep thinking that I’ve forgotten something.

I’m tired.

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