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Short Thoughts 8/3/15

Occasional Insights into my Brain… 

Short Shorts and tights combo is not a look I want to replicate

90s is now considered “vintage” – I wish I’d kept my cullottes and a pair of kickers shoes now

And how old does that make you feel when 90s is like what the 70s (or 40s/50s/60s depending on age)…was when we were growing up…..mind boggles

I broke my necklace, had tea accidentally spilt on me, and nearly walked into the gents toilets yesterday but still it was a good day

I’ve learnt how to take nice photos so you will be astounded by my photography skills (see below) but I have to lie everything flat including children


Sometimes you meet a few people  and they instantly make you laugh and you know you could be good friends but you hope you didn’t come across as a complete raving idiot

Bryan Ferry hasn’t aged well. Some things are best left in the past

Yesterday I referred to Lionel Ritchie as a historical insignificance, which I now regret

Staying focused and true to yourself is the best way to be.

I’m embracing happy 🙂



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