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Short thoughts 5/2/14

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I found out today what Beyoncé was warbling about when she was talking about drinking watermelon. Urgh.

Yesterday I realised I hadn’t got dressed, washed or brushed my teeth today. At about 6pm. Nice.

I feel like I meet so many people who I just KNOW I would be such good friends with, if only they didn’t live bloody miles away. Sometimes I feel lonely.

Marvellous creations popping candy is my nemesis. And probably the reason I’m still fat, tbh.

It hit me today that my little girl is 2 this month. Where the hell did 2 years go. No, seriously. Where did they go?

I haven’t sorted out a birthday party or anything. I’m pretty shit at that sort of thing. I sort of wish I could forget about it, really.

I want to do so many things I just need to actually do them, book tickets, make arrangements, live my life.

I keep writing 01/14 when I write the date, I can’t get used to it. I’m living in the past.

4 thoughts on “Short thoughts 5/2/14”

  • We don’t do parties, not until we’re forced – they only need us ’til they tell us otherwise (that’s my thinking anyway) – two year olds are FUN :D! It’s the three year old bit you want to avoid 😉

  • I get the feeling that all my get up and go has left me too at this time of year. If you want to do cake and jelly with just your family that’s still a party at that age. Don’t sweat it.

  • You don’t need to do a big party. We’ll come up on the Saturday with a chocolate cake and the Moon. What more could Bubs want?

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