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Ruining your childhood memories

I love reminiscing, harking back to the 80s, and more recently, the 90s. (Never did I think I would look fondly back to a pair of collottes and a velvet floppy flower hat, but there you go, it’s gets to everyone). I love thinking back to my childhood. Days before technology, mobiles and internet. I remember getting a phone installed in our house, what a day! No more hikes to the dodgy smelling phone box down the road. Memories of playing rounders on the square, riding my bike into next doors front window, growing a sunflower which got beheaded. Singing Bryan Adams at the top of my lungs and thinking Wet Wet Wet were the bees knees. Ah, those sunny, sunny days.

Any conversation about your childhood, will at some point come round to what TV shows you used to watch. Rainbow! Postman Pat! Bertha! Gummy Bears! TV was much better in our day. I can boast seeing Ant and Dec on Byker Grove, Grange Hill which has featured most of the cast of eastenders and seeing Kylie in Neighbours. Good times.

So, when me and Bubs went into HMV the other week, what DVD did I see stare back at me?


My face lit up, oh what a fab programme that used to be, I thought. Bargain £3, I eagerly handed over my cash. Couldn’t wait to get home and show Bubs what real TV was like.

Well, anyway. It was crap. To put it bluntly. My first thought was, “This isn’t right!” And “What the hell is going on here?” Three episodes on one DVD. each one trippier than the next. It was a major letdown. An anticlimax.

It was just a load of old plastic pots and a crazy man making all the voices. The magic was gone.

But hey, once Nancy had watched it a few times,she decided she liked it. So now I have to keep watching it. And now I hate it.

So my advice to you is, leave the past in the rose-tinted past. Don’t ruin your childhood memories. Save yourself.


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