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Round it goes

Now Here I am linking up with Prose for Thought. I am also linking up with #S2S2D to support Emma over at Crazy with Twins. This may seem like an odd choice to link up – I initially wrote it with myself in mind – but what I am trying to say here is, things may seem hard now, but things will get better.┬á You can become occupied by a certain thing happening in your life an it can be all consuming and then all of a sudden it will be gone, and it won’t be there anymore, and you can move on again xx

Round It Goes

Round it goes

Back here again. The beginning

continuing after the end.

One chapter closes, another one opens.

words can be forgotten

some remembered when spoken

some dreams die,

some alighten with hope

pages in a book;

fingerprints they remain

you will always have read the first pages

it will always be the same

days pass; insignificant

yet one day you may ring the red round

certain dates and times.

Forever connected within your mind

When it is done, moving on,

life was consumed

topics, conversations, considerations.

light will shine forever on the times

but there is more sun behind the clouds

you have to wait for the storm to pass


Emily Tealady 2013



Prose for Thought

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