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Organix Goodies review

The lovely people at Organix goodies sent me some fab new snacks for Bubs to try.

We were sent:

Sweetcorn Salsa Snappy Crocs

Red Berry Burst Rice Cakes

Banana Soft Oaty Bars

The banana Oaty bars have definitely even the favourite. We buy other flavours of this bar anyway, and the banana ones went down just as well! In fact, when Bubs had finished one bar, she wanted another! (I managed to convince her to save them for another day!)

The strawberry rice cakes were also tasty. We tried them plain and with a few toppings such as strawberry and cream cheese. These come in packs of three which is great for when you are out and about.

The sweetcorn salsa snaps were a little different for Bubs. She doesn’t eat many crisp-type products so she was a bit puzzled to start with – I think she was more attracted to the shape of the crisps than actually eating them to start with! I tried them, and they taste nice if a little plain. She tends to go for stronger flavours so that may have been the problem. I think if she tried them again, she may like them better.


So in all most of these snacks were well received. As I said, we usually buy Goodies products anyway especially the Oaty bars. I like the fact that organix have a ‘no junk’ ethos for their products. I would definitely buy the banana Oaty bars and the strawberry rice cakes again, and maybe try the snaps again when Bubs is a bit older.

You could win a Goodies food bundle and a grow your own strawberry plant in my competition which ends on 16th May – go and give it a go!


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