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My Favourite Ten Songs

So I’m joining in with Michelle at Crowther Clan’s lovely little Linky about your favourite ten, and this week it’s your favourite songs. So here’s mine:

1. Dignity Deacon Blue

I am an 80s fan and I have always loved deacon blue. This song is just so uplifting, and I love shouting/singing it as I travel down the motorway. It’s a song full of hope and aspiration. Lovely.

2. Cloud busting, Kate Bush

I first encountered Kate bush as a 9 year old at my then neighbours house. She had a VHS of Kate’s music videos, and this one completely swept me away. I love the song, the build up, crescendo. I love the video and the interpretation of the song. It’s just a fab song and one of my very favourites.

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3. Avalon, Roxy Music

Love Roxy music, I told you I was an 80s freak. This song is just so very cool. Reminds me of sipping a cocktail as the sunsets on a sandy beach. I also love the woman at the end who does all the ‘ooooohs’

4.Underworld Born Slippy

Woah, that’s a tad different, I hear you say! Yes. Yes it is. I have such an eclectic taste in music. I love this song, reminds me of summer holidays when I was 13/14 and dreaming of being able to go clubbing.

5. Daft Punk, Da Funk

Again another song I saw the video of, and fell in love. This time it was on top of the pops. This is a bloody good song, and it just makes me want to dance. Like a robot.

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6. Bat For Lashes, Daniel

This song reminds me of moving to Bristol and when I first moved in with my partner. So this song reminds me of him, in a way. I love bast for lashes, Natasha is a fabulous singer and it’s truly relaxing to listen to. I was so pleased that I was able to see her live when I was pregnant, so her music has that connection for me too.

7. When I fall in love, nat king cole

This song has always been a favourite, nat king cole has a lovely voice and I love any song he sings (especially Christmas!). However this song has taken on greater poignancy in recent years. On the day that my nan died, we sat with her and played her songs. My grandad asked for this song to be played, and he sat there holding my nans’ hand. This song has always been one they both loved, and could have been ‘their’ song. It was a very emotional thing to see. That was really the last time my grandad saw my nan as he went home to get changed and whilst he was gone, she passed away. I am glad they got that moment together.

8. Diamonds Rihanna

I started singing this to Nancy from probably the first week she was born. It seemed to be on the radio every five minutes! However the sentiment to me, was that she really was my diamond, my precious thing. I couldn’t get over how lovely she was. And this song summed it up for me. Silly, eh?

9. Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler

The film Beaches means a lot to me, and I have probably seen it a hundred times. I can really relate to the characters. That may sound silly, but I do. It’s so heartbreakingly sad, and I cry every single time. This song reminds me of my sister, Lydia. That’s all I need to say.

10. The River, Bruce Springsteen

I could have picked any number of songs of Bruce’s, as I know them all, courtesy of my partner. He loves Bruce, and I got him a ticket to see him at Hard Rock Calling, the Christmas before I fell pregnant, meaning that when the concert came round, I was pregnant and had to endure standing in Hyde park in the mud and rain for hours, sipping water. It was a brilliant night, and this is one of his favourite songs, and has since become one of mine. I love the story telling within this song, and it’s a great one to sing along to in the car. Unfortunately he was in the loo when Bruce actually sang this live, or else that would’ve been a lovely moment to recall.

So, there you are, here are my ten. I probably could pick about ten, and another, just depending on my mood. That’s what I love about songs.

1 thought on “My Favourite Ten Songs”

  • Such amazing choices and yes you clearly love the 1980s! The Nat King Cole song and your Grandparents made me cry, so so beautiful.

    And Daniel! That’s mega sweet 😉

    I adore Daft Punk and love the film Beaches too although not seen it in years!

    Not sure re Bruce Springstein- I saw him at Glastonbury and was a little bored- but it did go on a bit… And he didn’t even do my favs! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with #MyFavouriteTEN Emily x x

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