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Mindful Eating with #LVLoveLife

Mindful Eating is something that I have heard a lot about recently. When LV offered me the chance to try mindful eating, by using a Spiralizer to make healthy, interesting meals, I thought I’d give it a go. 

Mindful eating is the habit of actually being conscious of what you are eating, as you eat it, taking time to really savour and taste the flavours and texture of the food. Mindful eating is also a good way of eating less, as by taking time to really chew and appreciate the food in your mouth, you actually give your brain signals time to tell your stomach you’re full and so you are not as likely to over eat. LV have a great article on Mindful Eating which is worth a read if you’re interested in this topic. 

Mindful Eating to me is really important. I find nowadays I am always in a rush and so tend to not think much about the food I eat, and gulp it down when I have the chance. I really do feel that my mealtimes are rushed, and this can also make me not appreciate the food and also sometimes I still feel hungry afterwards! I am trying to lose weight as you all know so so trying mindful eating seemed a great idea. I am trying my best to eat ‘clean’, focusing on healthy, unprocessed food and plenty of fruit and veg. Using fresh food and lots of herbs and spices, should mean that using the Mindful Eating method I can take the take to enjoy all this lovely food more! 

Using the Spiralizer has also really helped with my healthy eating. Spiralizing food is fun and adds a new twist to your meals. I am in love with Courgetti and also sweet potato noodles which were so so tasty! I am now obsessed with seeing what veg work well being put through the Spiralizer! Using a Spiralizer to make Courgetti or zoodles, or other types of curly spirally veg, and using this in place of carbs such as pasta and rice, can really help with healthy eating and cutting down on carbs and calories. I love Courgetti and have had this with Thai curry and also with a roasted veg sauce. – anywhere I would use rice, pasta, potatoes. It’s a great fresh taste and I really did not miss the carbs that the Courgetti replaced. I think using the Spiralizer and eating courgette in this way means you taste it in a differnt way, it tastes fresher and meals feel lighter as you haven’t got lots of starchy carbs. 

The Spiralizer itself is way to use. You stick your veg into the spiky end and then make sure the centre of the veg goes into the metal part on the other side. You turn the handle and the veg is pushed through the cutter and voila! Spirally veg is yours. I did worry a bit about cleaning this item but it was easy – I rinsed the Spiralizer under the tap and all the little bits of veg just washed out. I put the cutter attachment into the dishwasher and it cleaned it absolutely fine. It was so easy and you’d be surprised how much spirally goodness you get for piece of veg! 

So, what about Mindful Eating?

I was really looking forward to eating the meals I cooked because I am a big kid and was well excited about my spiralled veg!

Taking time to eat my meals has meant that mealtimes have become more of an occasion. I eat more slowly, chewing more and thinking about the taste and texture in my mouth. It has also spurred me on to eat more dinners round the table as a family. Not rushing around and eating properly as well as healthy meals has definitely made me feel much better too.

This is definitely a habit I want to continue with, I will let you know if it helps me with my weight loss at all!



I was sent a Spiralizer in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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