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miamoo skincare review


I was delighted when I was offered the opportunity to review miamoo skincare products. As someone who has had psoriasis since I was a baby and sensitive skin, miamoo really appeals to me. The products are made from 98.5-100% naturally derived products and don’t contain any nasties such as parabens.

miamoo is created by Saira Khan who was fed up of struggling to find the right skincare products for her dry skin. She is passionate about sharing information, tips and advice about dry skin, and has formuated miamoo through her own research and development of the product. Saira uses the products everyday, and the miamoo website has some really interesting inormation about how to look after dry skin.

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I was keen to try the products for myself, as I really struggle to find nice bath, shower, shampoo and moisturisers for my skin. I usually trawl the supermarket shelf for something that smells nice and won’t damage my skin, but usually I have to resort to products with no smells and usually they still contain things that irritate my skin.

As miamoo products are also suitable to be used on babies from birth, I thought I’d also try them on Bubs. I really hope she doesn’t have the same sensitive skin as me, but sometimes her skin can go red, especially on her bum with some wet wipes.

I was sent the travel pack which meant I had a sample of the main miamoo products. It contains:

2014-02-13 19.42.03

splashy wash

fresh locks shampoo

huggy lotion

cheeky cream

baba oil

spritz and wipe

and a lovely cotton flannel


First of all, I loved the packaging. Simple, fresh looking and most of all it was really easy to read on the side of the bottles what they were, and how to use them. The travel pack was sent to me wrapped up in lovely paper – it would be a great present to send to somebody as it looks so nice.

miamoo recommend you follow the 3-steps in order to get the best out of the products:

1. Exfoiliating Wash

Use the splashy wash (in bath or shower), fresh locks shampoo and/or spritz and wipe

I loved these products. The splashy wash smells gorgeous, fresh and lemony. It foamed up quickly and was easy to use on my skin. Bubs used it in the bath, and the bubbles were plenty.

The shampoo again smelt amazing, and the shampoo made my hair feel very soft and it was quite manageable once it was dry. People commented to me that my hair looked nice! With other shampoos, my face goes bright red after use. After using the fresh locks shampoo, my face was noticeably less red and angry-looking – I was very impressed.

The Spritz and Wipe spray was fantastic – I really enjoyed using this. I would use this to clean my face if I was in a hurry in the morning, or to remove make-up (I only use eyeshadow, eye liner and mascara) in the evening. I would think it would be a lovely refreshing spray to use in the summer, or if you felt your face was tired and needed a lift.

2. Moisturise

Using huggy lotion and/or cheeky cream

miamoo-skincare-review-huggy-lotionThe huggy lotion was one of my favourites. It was easy to use, sank into my skin very quickly and it also smells gorgeous! My skin felt very soft and bright after use. I also have a lot of tiny ‘spots’ of psoriasis which are mostly all over my stomach and legs. Using this cream really helped to keep my skin moisturised in between applications of my prescribed cream, and these tiny spots, which were really difficult to apply medicated cream to (as you are only supposed to apply to the affected area – difficult when they are so tiny!) definitely were helped and my skin wasn’t so dry.  I also used this on my face, and it was great – made my skin look bright and fresh. I liked the way the huggy lotion was in a bottle with a pump applicator which meant it was easy to apply direct to skin and then rub in, rather than pour too much out onto your hands!


The cheeky cream is to use on stubborn patches and areas such as nappy rash. This cream is a bit thicker than the huggy cream, but is very moisturising. I thought it was great for bubs’ bottom, when it was a bit red, and I also used it on my patches of psoriasis amiamoo-review-skincare-cheeky-cream-baba-oil-spritznd I also dabbed a little on my lips when they were very very cracked, dry and sore. It’s really fab stuff.


3. massage

Use baba oil

The baba oil is great, easy to massage into the skin, and quick to dry and sink into the skin. Again it smells lovely. Bubs really enjoyed this after a bath. I wouldn’t have thought to massage after using lotion, but it has worked, and also after a bath it really is relaxing for Bubs. The baba oil is also good to dab omiamoo-baba-oil-applicatorn chapped lips, pregnancy stretch marks, hands and nails. I loved the spray applicator for the baba oil too, it meant I could be in control of how much oil I wanted to use.



I was very impressed with miamoo. What I like about the products are that they are versatile, and easy to use – there are so many options for each product, you can use the huggy lotion and the baba oil for example all over the body. They do what they say they will, and I loved the fact the huggy lotion and baba oil sank into my skin quickly, which was great when I was getting ready to go to work – one of my bug bears is waiting for my cream to sink into my skin, so this was a real plus for me!

I have taken some ‘before’ and ‘after photos – here is my face bePicMonkey Collage3fore and after shots – sorry about how bad I look in them – I think you can see a difference in my skin, it looks smoother and less dry, and I think a bit brighter? It definitely feels smoother, softer and not so dry!

I must say that before I had the chance to try miamoo, I was very down about my skin, especially my psoriasis. I wasn’t using my creams very often, and my skin was angry and my psoriasis out of control. One of the reasons was how long it was taking me to apply all the creams and lotions, I have been so tired this past year and I was neglecting my skin as a consequence. Having the opportunity to try these products was the wake up call I needed, and I have been using the miamoo creams, as well as my prescribed creams, as a consequence. The fact that the miamoo creams, lotions and oil sink in so quickly is a real bonus and has encouraged me to keep my skin moisturised throughout the day.

Bubs loved the bubbles in the bath, and the wash and shampoo were kind to her skin, with no redness, and also no tears using the shampoo. It is reassuring to know the products are derived from natural products and do not contain any ‘nasties’. I felt my skin definitely felt and improved in appearance using miamoo products, and most of all felt moisturised and less dry. I will definitely use these again, especially the splashy wash, huggy lotion and baba oil.

One thing I would love to see in the future is a conditioner to go with the shampoo – I just felt that this was missing.

miamoo are giving readers 10% off their products on their website – just use the code ‘Blog13’ at the checkout!

 I was sent a miamoo travel goodies set in order to undertake this review. This review has been written honestly and without bias.

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  • These products sound really good and seem to be what you have been looking for all these years. I know where to go now for your Birthday/Christmas smellies. I might even give them a go myself. I like the sound of the lemony shower wash. By the way, you can see a difference in your before and after photos. A definate glow on the after and a beautiful face in both. x

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