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Me and my weight: update #1

So, I have been on a mission. It’s not been easy, and I haven’t been perfect. But I am so pleased with where I am.

I started back on weight watchers online on 27th June.

Many reasons why I have changed to weight watchers. I have done both over the years so know pretty well the ups and downs of both plans. For me, right now, weight watchers offers me the flexibility of being able to eat whatever I need to, in order to get through the day, and also help me understand my portion sizes better.

I was a little hesitant, having had a literal one day attempt last year, and then I just ate absolute shit and got even heavier. However, I logged back into my account, and I got on those scales. It wasn’t actually that horrific. Well, it probably was but I was sure I weighed more.

I was worried about sticking to points. The first two weeks actually, were super easy. I even had 4 or 5 points left over each night! I was pleasantly surprised at the portion sizes I could eat and things were not as high in points as I’d feared. I think my attitude to food has changed somewhat over the last year, especially having to feed Nancy. Fruit and veg are something we eat at every meal, so I am filling myself up nicely.

So, first week, I lost 3lbs. I was very happy with this! It seemed so easy.

Week two, I lost a pound. I felt good about this as it was a difficult week – difficult in that I had a few evenings out.

Week three, I lost 2lbs! Which I was thrilled about. It was a difficult week in that I was busy, didn’t have much time to prepare lunches and sometimes had to make food choices on the spot.

So in total, I have lost 6lbs so far.


I have had wobbles, and I have had 2 meals out which has meant I had to really think about what I ate. I have chosen a salad wherever possible and my choices have definitely changed in that respect – in the past I would’ve said “ah, sod it!” and just had whatever.

I had one day where I went to Costas and I stupidly chose to eat a muffin. It was 12 propoints! I then had to buy a prepacked sandwhich which was another 11 propoints. Without thinking, I’d nearly eaten my whole allowance on 2 items! It was tough, but I stuck to my points and got through the day. Those types of days are ones where I usually crack and again say ‘sod it!’ But I am trying my best to stick to the plan, and also be honest with myself.

Some people have said to me, doing it online and not going to a group, how can you be honest with yourself? And I think, well, if I can’t be honest with myself, on the scales, and eating what we need to on my own, then there’s no help, is there?


Some of my favourite snacks and what I have been eating when we’ve gone out recently have been these:

Walkers Pops crisps 2pp per packet

Curly Wurly 3pp

Reduced fat houmous 60g pot 3pp plus crudités

Nakd Cocoa and Orange bar 4pp

Going Out

Nandos – Caesar Salad with 1/4 chicken breast 11pp

Pizza Express – Superfood Salad plus chicken approx. 11pp

McDonalds – sweet chilli chicken wrap 13pp

So that’s it! My recent update. I am determined to keep on and I am feeling so much better already. I have taken my measurements so hopefully now will be able to see the inches being lost too!

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