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Martyna Wren’s Vintage Tea Shop Tour – Bristol

I am delighted to be able to have discovered Martyna Wren recently. Martyna is a vintage style British singer-songwriter; singing in an old fashioned style her own songs as well as those classics we all know. Her voice is beautiful and it is the perfect thing to listen to on a lazy afternoon. Her whole album has been recorded using authentic 50’s and 60’s equipment and methods, meaning the tracks all have a lovely nostalgic and timeless charm to them. I love the song Al Capone’s Girl – take a listen below:

Martyna is currently on a Vintage Tea Shop Tour, which sounds like a fantastic idea to me! You can have an afternoon tea whilst Martyna sings her songs. As a lover of tea, vintage and music, this sounds like the perfect combination!

Martyna is coming to Bristol on her tour this Sunday, 28th September at  3.30pm at Cox and Baloney, A vintage shop and tea rooms. It’s £22 per ticket, which includes afternoon tea and Martyna’s performance. Other dates are up on Martyna’s website.


As Martyna is coming to Bristol, I was lucky enough to ask her a few questions! Here is my little interview with her:

Your love of vintage shines through your music and your style. What is your favourite vintage piece you own?

“My favourite vintage piece is the original 50’s dress I wore on my album cover. It’s blue lace with a net underskirt. Completely impractical but so beautiful.”
What inspired you to undertake a tea shop tour?
“The tea shop tour came about through my love of vintage and how much I enjoy having afternoon tea with friends. The album is steeped in nostalgia and the vintage tea rooms seem like the perfect setting to perform in whilst being able to share a vintage experience with the audience.”
If you could duet with any singer of the past, who would it be? 
“If I could duet with any singer from the past it would be Gene Kelly. I think he had a magic about him and a charisma that is so special (Plus I’d get to pretend I was in a big musical dance number from one of my favourite films).”
What is your favourite track from your album? 
“It’s hard to pick a favourite track because they all mean something to me but my top three would be Al Capone’s Girl, The World Can Wait and Two of a Kind.”
what is your favourite book? 
“My favourite book is Beloved Chicago Man. It’s the letters of Simone De Beauvoir to Nelson Algren between 1947-64. I go back to it time and time again.”
And lastly, how do you take your tea?
“I have to confess I’m a coffee drinker. Black with sugar and definitely a cake or two on the side!”
Thanks to Martyna for taking the time to reply to my questions. I am definitely going to add that book to my to read list, and I’ll let you off on the tea, because you can sing so lovely!
Martyna’s album The World Can Wait is available now.


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