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Little Bird Told Me Review


When I was asked if I would like to review a little bird told me, I was very happy to. I’ve seen their products around and really liked the look of them.

We were able to choose what we would like to review from the Little Bird Told Me website. We chose the Curious Caterpillar to review.

When it arrived, I must say I had it in my head it would be bigger. But it still looked lovely and well packaged. The packaging was easy to remove, and there wasn’t a hundred tiny plastic things attaching it to the box.

There is a pull along base and the caterpillar can be removed, and has bells inside. He is also lovely and textured and crispy noise making. I wasn’t quite sure what the red button like bit was, or why it velcroed onto the pull along bit.


Now, I may be writing the review, but Bubs is the true reviewer here. She loved the caterpillar from the moment I showed it to her. However she quickly worked out how to remove the red buttony bit and did quite enjoy playing with this, but I still can’t really see the point of it.


I like this toy as Bubs is on the verge of crawling and anything that moves is a great joy to her, and helps encourage her to move. She loved the caterpillar too especially the bell noise it makes when you shake it. The colours are bright, but not overly so, which I like.

I am a bit confused as to why the wheels are velcroed on to the base – again Bubs very quickly worked out how to remove these, although she seemed to enjoy chewing on the wheels!

The whole caterpillar is very intruiging for the baby, and she loved exploring it, playing with it, and working out what to do with it. Overall I think this is a good buy, and it provides a lot of entertainment for Bubs, and the caterpillar is so cute. There is a lot to stimulate and intrigue a baby on this toy.

We were sent the Curious Caterpillar for the purposes of this review and this review is written by me, with my own and unbiased opinion of the product.

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