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Lego Movie Review

I was asked by if I would like to review The Lego Movie, and they kindly sent me the DVD to review.

The Lego Movie is about Emmet, just an ordinary Lego worker who is identified as the ‘Special’ one, who will save the world. He joins a quest to defeat an evil tyrant, and has a lot of escapades on the way.


We loved this film. It is funny and easy to watch, and also a lot of fun! I also couldn’t get the infamous “everything is awesome” song out of my head! This is a lovely family film which kids and grown ups will both like. It’s amazing how they can make the film so true to lego life, and the detail is fab. Lego is something we love in our family and so this was a nice movie which caught our attention from the get go. It is funny, and features a lot of the classic lego-isms that Lego fans will notice. A great movie to watch on a Sunday afternoon.

I was sent a copy of the Lego Movie in order to undertake this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own

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