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Kiddicare sleep survey – Results

So we have now come to an end of the Kiddicare sleep project. Throughout the project we have had sleepless nights, teething and also some very good nights sleep.

One thing for sure is that Bubs’ has definitely slept better as the survey went on. Could it be that just by taking notice of our sleep, we have found ways to improve it?

Usually, Bubs goes to sleep about 7-8pm and will wake slightly one or two times in the night but quickly settles if we give her the dummy. On these days, I sleep rather well, although I can go to bed anywhere from 9.30pm to midnight! A few times I have found it hard to go to sleep, and I do sometimes wake in the night, and feel wide awake.

It has been really interesting to take part in the survey, and seeing our month written down on the chart has been interesting. I think we are lucky really as most of the time Bubs does sleep well. She wakes a few times in the night, but this is just for minutes really. Yes the times where she doesn’t sleep at night are hard, but this only lasts a few days, I know some people who have that every night. Usually there is a reason for her waking such as teething or having a cold. We have only had one night where she just woke up happy as larry at 1am, wanting to party, and didn’t get back to sleep till 3am!


I guess one question that has sprung to mind completing the survey is, what does ‘sleeping through the night’ actually mean? I think looking at the chart, Bubs does sleep through most of the time. She gets unsettled yes, but she settles back down again quickly. She also goes to bed easily now, and I know she will sleep between 7pm-12 midnight usually without any problems. I think when people ask you that question, it really does depend on your answer, and also what is your ‘normal’.

Bubs also naps well. From the chart I can see she naps roughly the same time, and for the same period, everyday. I think we have a ‘routine’ of sorts, which has sort of evolved naturally, and it is working for us at the moment.

Looking at my sleep chart, I can see that I go to bed far too late. I am getting to sleep from 11.30 to midnight most nights, and on a few occasions I have gone to bed at half 10. This is something both me and my partner are trying to improve, and so for the last few days we have been going to bed at 10pm, reading for a bit and then sleep before 11. It has definitely made a difference.

I can also see from the chart I have put I am tired, exhausted or stressed throughout. Going back to work has been hard, and there have been a few temporary changes at work I have had to deal with too. This had led to me having a few headaches and this has also made me feel tired, as well as looking after Bubs. Hopefully the changes at work will end soon and this will take the added stress from me.


The book we were sent, Baby Sleeping Trust Techniques by Rebecca Welton, has also been an interesting read. I have definitely picked up a few Tips from it,  there is a great chapter in it with 12 Top Tips, such as make sure your baby is not hungry before you try to get them to sleep, and also that consistency is key. The book is very easy to read and I have found it really good for dipping in and out of. I really liked the idea of the Trust Techniques as I do not really want to go down the controlled crying route. Using sleep-cue words, and following Rebecca’s advice about trust techniques has definitely helped us over the last month, and this book is one I shall keep referring to. As I have said, I feel that overall, Bubs’ sleep has improved over the last month, and I think being aware of undertaking this survey, as well as reading tips from Rebecca’s book, has really helped.  There are some great tips from Rebecca about getting your baby to sleep over on the Kiddicare Blog.


I think now what I need to do is focus on making sure I get to sleep on time, so that I am better prepared for work,  so that if Bubs’ wakes in the night, I will have had some sleep before this. I have decided I am going to have at least one night a week where I switch off the TV, Computer, Phone and do something more calming such as a bath, paint my nails and read my book.

How do you get a good nights sleep? Do you have any tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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