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You think they’re invincible
You think they will always be there.

But at some point the tables turn
Things are not always fair

You start to worry about them
As they used to do with you

They need help they didn’t before
Tests, scans, exams they need to do

You can’t imagine a world without them
I can’t think about that you see

I just start to think that you will think
All this, one day, about me

You think they have the answers
When you’re small and young

You think they know just what to do
But now I know that isn’t true

So I will hold your hand
As we work out what is wrong

I hope that it is nothing
Crossing fingers, hoping, long

I wish I was that little girl
Looking up into your eyes

I wish I was oblivious
To the world, it’s schemes and lies

Emily 2013

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