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How NOT to anger a toddler

And so it begins.

I have the makings of one angry little person on my hands.

Here’s 15 golden tips to make sure you never anger your toddler:

1. Never offer them crayons or pencils of any kind especially if they have to be put away at some point.

2. Make sure whatever you’re doing doesn’t ever end.

3. Don’t give them anything that can be squeezed or squished in an angry fist

4. Give them whatever they want, whenever they want

5. Don’t let them see any other child or what they are playing with

6. You must leave the cafe/restaurant as soon as they have eaten.

7. Don’t get them dressed. Ever.

8. Play the theme tune to the Tweenies on a loop all day

9. Know instantly what ‘bouga boyga da Gaga’ is

10. Never ask them if they are tired

11. Don’t put the giraffe on the train

12. Let them rifle through the kitchen cupboards

13. Don’t wear shoes

14. Don’t ever ask about the nappy

15. Make sure tables and other high furniture is available for climbing

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