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Heinz Baby Pouches Review

We we were sent a lovely basket of Heinz Baby Pouches to try. As Bubs is weaning, it seemed a great chance to try some new foods and textures.

heinzbabypouches blueberryandbananaheinzpouch

Heinz Baby Pouches are available in 10 fruit and savoury flavours, such as apple and blueberry, sweet potato, parsnip and apple and creamy fish pie. They are split into two stages – stage one (4mths +) is smoother and second stage (7mths +) is a more mashed consistency.

We have been trying the baby led weaning approach, but more runnier things Bubs is happy to have from a spoon. Bubs is happy with a range of textures. We have tried all the pouches and I must say they have been a hit. The fruit pouches especially have been a favourite, and are great after dinner as a ‘pudding’. The pouches are really easy to use and open, and the squeeze really well so you don’t have a lot of the food still left in the pouch.

They are fabulous for travelling. I recently travelled to Leeds with Bubs and these were really useful. I particularly like the fact you can put the lid back on again so you don’t have to use it all – some other pouches I have used have been rip open ones, and that has meant when I have been out, it’s either use the whole lot or chuck the rest out!

Savoury meal wise, bubs loved the fish pie and also liked the vegetable combinations – she loved pumpkin, sweet potato and apricot! They all smell really nice, and I have tried them myself, and they are very tasty and full of flavour. I think these are great for a quick and easy meal, such as adding the veg pouch with some pasta or potatoes for example.

Overall we really like these pouches, and I particularly like the fruit ones, as it is a great alternative to yoghurt, and can be added to cereal, porridge or had on its own for example.

I was sent a basket of Heinz Baby Pouches in order to undertake this review.  All opinions expressed within this review are unbiased and my own.

4 thoughts on “Heinz Baby Pouches Review”

  • Good review, i do the same and give the fruit ones as a pudding after dinner or add them to breakfast as its a real good way of making sure they have a portion towards the 5 a day. I’ve not tried the savoury ones as we too do BLW but i can imagine like you said that if you were travelling they would be very handy =] x

    • Thanks for your comment! Yes really liked the fruit ones. I try my best to give her a good balanced diet and fresh foods but pouches are great for when you can’t for whatever reason x

  • Err…. I really like your blog but can’t help but find this review pretty dodgy… Were you paid to review these products on the grounds that you reported absolutely nothing negative or constructive about them? Don’t like the cut and paste marketing speal at the top either.. I really hope you took a fee for this review otherwise you are just being exploited for free advertising by Heinz.

    The following links might be useful if you or any of your readers fancy a look at the reality behind the pretty packaging, homely baskets and chunky cheques.:

    • Hi thanks for your comment. I was not paid to do this post, and as stated at the bottom and within this review, I was sent some to try. As I have stated at the bottom of this review, My opinion within this review is my own. I liked the product. I didn’t have anything negative to say because I didn’t have anything negative to say! I found them useful, my baby enjoyed them, and that is what I have written. I reviewed this product, not the manufacturer, and I wrote my honest opinion. As I have written on my blog, I am new to baby foods, I find it all very confusing, but I am just muddling through. If I took at face value every news report and every article about what’s bad for my baby, I’d be a quivering wreck. I had to formula feed my baby, and I know all the articles out there telling me how bad that is for her. But I can’t let that get to me either – as I have blogged before. I liked these pouches, I would buy them, just like I would buy and have written about organix products on the blog too. I have also tried Ella’s kitchen products and have found these fine too. I try my best to look at what is the healthiest, what has the less salt, I have recently blogged about this too. But sometimes when you need to feed your baby, you need something quick and easy, and this, for me, fits the bill.

      Just to say I didn’t cut and paste anything, everything on this review I wrote myself, based on the information on the food packaging and the Heinz website.

      Again thanks for your comment, we are all entitled to our own opinions about these kind of products.

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