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Going Out In The Midday Sun by Kate. A. Hardy #bahlsenbookclub review


Going Out In The Midday Sun is a really good read. It’s based around the lives of four Londoners in the late 90s, and their lives all interweave with each other. Here’s the blurb:

Four Londoners out of 8 million – through a series of coincidences their lives begin to intertwine. . . Set in the ‘halcyon’ days of the late nineties, heading towards the great millennium . . . Going out in the midday sun is part one of a trilogy spanning twenty years, in which the heroes are challenged with the everyday – love, babies, earning, family disputes – as well as a new life in France, a communal enterprise, astonishing amounts of bureaucracy, duck gizzard salad, and possibly the end of the world.

It’s a refreshing book that plays with this kind of storyline. Things happen where the characters follow their hearts, not their heads and you are just willing them to do it. There are the set stereotype of characters (the gay one, the unrequited love, the unlucky in love singletons, the people wondering where there life is going…) but that’s where the stereotype stops in my opinion. The characters are well written and you really get to know them. They become people you have a vested interest in, and at no point did I question what they were doing – as in they made choices which seemed natural for the character to do. The book is filled with moments humour, sadness and also of sexual tension, it’s written really well and is not cringey at all. I love all the nostalgia that the book brings back to me, and the way the lives of the characters weave around each other. It’s a true escapism book, and I was really drawn to the characters which made me want to keep reading. There was just something about this book which really appealed to me.

I am really pleased that there are more books to read, as this is the first book in a trilogy which spans over 20 years. I am really looking forward to seeing where these stories go. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

I was sent this book as part of the Bahlsen Book Club. All thoughts and Opinions are my own


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