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gNappies Review

gNappies are a hybrid nappy. They are a cloth nappy that can also be used like a disposable, but in a greener way. I was offered the chance to review gnappies, and I was really looking forward to giving them a go! Since trying them, I haven’t been disappointed.

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Here’s what they say about gNnappies:

“gNappies is out to eradicate conventional disposable nappies from the planet. Over 20 billion are thrown away annually, making them one of the largest contributors to landfills. There is no evidence that conventional disposable nappies ever biodegrade. gNappies disposable inserts break down in a home compost (wet ones only) within 3 months and produce good compost”

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gNappies consist of the gpant, which is the fabric pant, the plastic inner, and then a fabric or disposable insert. I have been reviewing the disposable insert.

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The nappy fits really well, although you need to remember that the Velcro does up around the back, and not the front. The first time I Tried them, I put them on the wrong way! Once put on properly the gNappy is such a lovely fit, and is not so bulky as other cloth nappies can be. I loved the feel of the material, and it was very easy to insert the disposable liner.


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What I would say though is that I felt the instructions booklet that came with the nappy could have been a bit more informative – such as which way round to put the nappy! Also, the liner looks a lot bigger than the plastic inner, and at first I thought it wouldn’t fit – what you want is for the liner to make the plastic inner ‘curve’ so that when put on baby, the plastic inner sits right up on their leg, that fit makes the nappy work. I found the video on the gNappy website really useful to work this out.

Washing the nappy was simple, You can wash the gPant in a 30/40 wash, and the plastic inner also. I left them to air dry on my clothes horse, and they were both dry overnight.

It recommends changing the nappy about every 3 hours which is about right for us. I found the liner to be really good, absorbent and we have had no leaks at all. We have been out and about with the gNappy on, and again it was easy to use, change and no leaks. Pooey nappies are easily sorted out – just carefully take out the line and dispose, then put in another clean liner. The best thing about the gNappy is that you don’t have to change the whole nappy every time, just the liner, and only the plastic inner when it is soiled.

I am really enjoying using gNappy. They are at the expensive end of the cloth nappy market, but they are so versatile,easy to use and for us, the fit was really good. I think the fact they can be used with cloth or disposable inserts, really means you can work around any circumstance. The fact that the disposable inserts are biodegradable too and you can even compost them at home (wet ones only) is a big appeal. It definitely makes me feel less guilty than using disposable. You can buy gNappies online.

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