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Diet Bore #6

So, this week at slimming world!  How did I do. 

This is week 3 at slimming world:



 Yes, I have lost another 1lb.

Yes, I am a little bit disappointed. But I am also a little bit happy, actually. I had a Mothers’ Day Afternoon Tea, chocolate, champagne and also some not so other good bits. I decided to reign it in from the Monday, and I have actually had a very good week. I cut down on my syns and I had a lb loss to show for this. 

 I have now 5.5lbs lost in 3 weeks. 1.5lbs next week, and I have my half a stone!

So I am really, really trying hard. I am eating free foods as much as I can, and trying to eat speed foods at every opportunity. However I have been unwell the last few days, still have stuck to free foods but perhaps not so much speed foods.   I also possibly over did it this evening on the syns front too – being ill sucks big time. I can barely remember what I’ve eaten today.

Generally, I am finding the slimming world plan easy to follow. I thought I would struggle with the healthy extra B, but I find having 2x Alpen Light Bars really helps me. I always have found breakfast a difficult meal, I am tending to have fruit and yoghurt, with an Alpen bar. Lunches are usually easier as it’s leftovers from the night before, or I will grab a jacket potato. Syns I haven’t found too tricky and I usually have eat least 5 – I don’t tend to have syns during the day and have them as treats in the evening. I have probably 15 a day at the weekend for extra treats and I aim for 10 during the week. 

Food has been good, we made a really nice red Thai curry this weekend with some quorn in it, was delicious! I have also made curly kale crisps which were delicious, you’d never think they were totally syn free!  Again totally loving the greens this week. I am trying new foods I’d never dream of trying in the past, and the way to really keep motivated is to make new and interesting meals throughout the week. I am looking through recipe books and thinking of ideas for things to make, it makes mealtimes a bit more exciting and I am really enjoying cooking again.


This week we are hoping to have:

  • Spinach and cheese Canelloni 
  • Mushy pea curry
  • Lentil and red pepper chilli
  • Courgetti quorn bolognese 
  • Veggie fajitas 

So let’s see how I get on. I am really hoping I can lose 1.5lbs so I can get my half stone. Just need to get better and get eating! 

4 thoughts on “Diet Bore #6”

  • Well done on the 1.5lb loss – love it! Slowly slowly catchy monkey I like to say. They do say the slower it comes off the more likely it is to STAY off. So always a silver lining. Good luck for this week nad I hope your next post is sharing that half stone award!! Thanks for linking up with #SolimmingWorldSunday x

  • Ohhhh all that food looks delicious! Weight loss is weight loss and a 1lb loss is remarkable! It takes so much to maintain, so to lose is fantastic and it all adds up! Hope you are having a great week on your journey! Sim #WeightLossWednesday x

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