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Diet Bore #5

So, week 5 of Diet Bore, and my second weigh in with Slimming World. What was the result? 

I can’t say that I wasn’t a little disappointed with a 1lb loss. Could be to do with a number of reasons. I struggled a bit the last week, my sister was away which meant that I had to cook meals for one, and it’s not an excuse but little stresses got the better of me. I also went to Blog On, and whilst I was pretty good (Ok apart from the lunch the massive chocolate cake and the wine) I know I wasn’t totally on plan. But, it was OK. I aim to be syn free and extra easy at every meal, and just because one meal may not be on plan doesn’t mean the rest have to be as well. Anyway saying that, I still lost a 1lb so it shows I have been sticking to the plan in some way. 

I am really hoping to lose 2.5lbs this week so that I can have lost 7lbs. I must say the start of this diet week has not been so good, the weekend was a bit dodgy and Mothers Day was pretty much a write off but I have been totally, 100% on it since Monday so I am hoping I can lose something on my weigh in on Thursday. 

I’ve been making lots of nice meals though, and am really enjoying cooking still. I made a lovely veggie beany cottage pie and I have also made a nice lentil pasta sauce and a veggie curry. I also made a nice carbonara style spaghetti using quorn bacon, peas and philli light. I also made smash pizza which meant I managed to avoid a Pizza Hut which I was really proud about. 

I have become a little obsessed with spinach this week. It’s super speedy and it goes with anything. It was gorgeous dry ‘fried’ in a pan until wilted with some garlic and then right at the end a good squeeze of lemon. It was divine! 

I am also loving spinach, watercress and rocket salad mix which is much tastier than boring old lettuce which I have realised I can’t stand. I’ve been loving this salad mix with 2 peppered quorn steaks which is a super speedy lunch. 

I have also discovered Quorn nuggets and OH MY GOD they are divine and very similar to McDonalds but without all the chicken mush and fat. They are 0.5 syns each which is fabulous and means a good portion as a treat goes a long way. I had some the other day with some slimming world chips and cauliflower rice. Yum. 

I made some really tasty hash browns as well which went really well with my breakfast. I’ll pop the recipe up on the blog in a bit. They were really easy. 

So, in two weeks I’ve lost 4.5lbs. It’s a good start, as long as I am losing I’ll be happy. So let’s see how I get on this week! 

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